International opportunities for students

Who can apply?

UniTrento students enrolled in the 1st year bachelor's in:

  • Economics and Management Laurea in Economia e Management (track either in Italian or in English)
  • have a weighted average of marks of at least 24/30

with knowledge of the following languages:

●    French, level B1 compulsory (B2 is highly recommended) for the bachelor’s course in Licence Economie et Gestion of Université de Strasbourg 
●    English, level B2 for the bachelor’s course in Licence Economie et Gestion of Université de Strasbourg, Parcours “International Economics and Management” 

These requirements will be assessed when applying for the UniTrento call which is published annually.

Please note that complete information and updates are to be checked on UniTrento call for applications and on the partner website. 

Why Strasbourg?

With its 52,000 students, of which over 20% are international students, the Université de Strasbourg is the result of the merger of three universities in 2009: Louis Pasteur (Strasbourg 1), Marc Bloch (Strasbourg 2) and Robert Schuman (Strasbourg 3) to better compete internationally, broaden its partnership and to embrace a broad multidisciplinarity.
Strasbourg is the meeting point between Northern Europe and Mediterranean Europe. Deeply bicultural, it is both Latin and Germanic. Seat of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament, it is a cosmopolitan city that concentrates an important diplomatic presence and boasts a high quality of life and particular attention to the environment.

What is the added value?

In Italy and abroad, a double degree is always an added value. Not only the experts say it, you just have to browse through the job offers to realize that companies and organizations are looking for international and open-minded profiles, able to work in multicultural teams and to face ever new global challenges: these are the workers of the future.
Participation in the Double Degree program allows you to diversify and enrich your university education, acquire different study methods and achieve high skills in the French language.

What are the requirements at the time of departure?

  • enrollment in the 3rd year

This requirement will be checked before departure, approximately between August and early September.

How long does mobility abroad take?

2 semesters (60 credits) from September.

Study plan

The study plan must be agreed and approved in advance by both academic supervisors. In the downloads there is an example of it.

In which language?

The activities are in French. Therefore a B2 level of French is highly recommended.


The master's thesis must be discussed at UniTrento.

Tuition fees

Students participating in the double degree program pay the tuition fees exclusively at UniTrento.

Educational qualification

At the end of the double degree course, students obtain two separate first cycle degree diplomas:
- fromStrasbourg:  Licence Economie et Gestion (track mostly in French) or Licence Economie et Gestion, Parcours “International Economics and Management” (track in English)
- from UniTrento:  Laurea magistrale in Economia e Management, Percorso Economia e Management (track in Italian) or Laurea in Economia e Management, Percorso “Economics and Management” (track in English),