International opportunities for students

The Fulbright Program was established to promote study, research and teaching in Italy and the United States through scholarships for Italian and US citizens, so increasing mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. In Italy, the programme has started in 1948 with the first agreement signed between the US Department of State and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the establishment of the Commission for cultural exchanges between Italy and the United States (The US-Italy Fulbright Commission).

Fulbright scholarships targeted to Italian citizens are in different fields:


  • Fulbright Master e Ph.D. Self-Placed:
    - Fulbright-all disciplines  (Master or Ph.D.) 
    - Fulbright ETHENEA  (Master of Business Administration);
    - Fulbright LAW (Master or Ph.D. in Law);
  • Fulbright-Roberto WIRTH Program  specialization course at the Gallaudet University, Washinghton DC;
  • Programma BEST Entrepreneurship e Management courses and internship:


  • Fulbright Fondazione Falcone - NIAF, for research periods 6-9 months (for students and Ph.D students
  • Fulbright Schuman Program, for Eu citizens for projects research with a comparative approach 
  • Fulbright-Fondazione Simone Cesaretti, for projects research on the Circular Economy and Well-being Sustainability (for Ph.D students

All information and requirements in the Calls for selections available on Fulbright Commission website