International opportunities for students
Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät

Who can apply?

1st year UniTrento students of the master's degree course in:

  • Mathematics

with a B1 level in German language  (B2 before departure) and

  • Physics 

with a B1 level in German or English (B2 before departure).

Please note that complete information and updates are to be checked on UniTrento call for applications and on the partner website

Why Tübingen?

Innovative. Interdisciplinary. International. Since 1477. These have been the University of Tübingen’s guiding principles in research and teaching ever since it was founded. With this long tradition, the University of Tübingen is one of the most respected universities in Germany. Recently, its institutional strategy was successfully selected for funding in the Excellence Initiative sponsored by the German federal and state governments, making Tübingen one of Germany’s eleven universities distinguished with that title of excellence. Tübingen has also proven its status as a leading research university in many national and
international competitions – in key rankings Tübingen is listed among the best universities for the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as for Science and Medicine.

With its 8,900 students, the Faculty of Sciences (Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät) stands out for its interdisciplinary approach to global challenges and sees among its main objectives:

  • a research for excellence, also in international collaborations, open to the youngest
  • promotion of global awareness, in particular by offering students the opportunity to acquire a high level of intercultural skills and problem solving and critical spirit
  • social commitment

What is the added value?

The Double Master Programme aims at training students in emerging research domains in physics. It prepares students for employment in multidisciplinary areas and/or for continuing their studies within PhD programmes. During his/her studies, the student will work within research groups of two leading European universities and will interact with professors, researchers and scholars.
After completing the programme the student will have become familiar with some of the most advanced subjects in modern physics. Depending on his choice he will have acquired skills in manipulating sophisticated instrumentation or will possess the competencies necessary for the design and implementation of complex theoretical and computational methods.

What are the professional outlets?

Graduates with dual degrees can aspire to top positions in companies with strong cross-border ties: Germany is in fact the first commercial partner of Italy and Italy is the third commercial partner of Germany. The German language therefore represents a key factor for many companies in Northern Italy, especially South Tyrolean, well integrated in the Central European economic system.

What are the requirements at the time of departure?

  • have obtained all the credits of the first year of master's degree
  • weighted average of marks of at least 25/30
  • B2 level in German language for Maths
  • B2 level or German or English for Physics

How long does mobility abroad take?

2 semesters, starting from October, including work and thesis discussion ("Modul Master-Arbeit").

For the Physics area, mobility can be concentrated to a single semester (30 credits). In this case work and discussion of the thesis must take place in Trento.

Study plan

The study plan must be agreed and approved in advance by both academic supervisors.

In which language?

Most courses are in German while some others (especially in Physics area) are in English language.

How does the conversion of grades take place?

The conversion takes place on the basis of the conversion table available in the downloads.


The master's thesis must be carried out under the supervision of a teacher from UniTrento and one from Tübingen; the final paper must be written and discussed in the language of the host university or in English and must contain a summary in the language of both institutions.

Tuition fees

Students participating in the double degree program pay the tuition fees exclusively at UniTrento.
Tübingen requires the compulsory contribution for complementary services (which includes concessions for public transport in the region) of approx. 315 euros / year.

Educational qualification

At the end of the double degree course, students obtain two separate second cycle degree diplomas:
  • Master's degree in Mathematics or in Physics from UniTrento
  • Diplom-Physiker/in or Diplom-Mathematiker/in from Tübingen