International opportunities for students

Who can apply?

2nd year UniTrento students of one of the bachelor's degree course in:

  • Viticulture and Oenology 

with a B1 level in German language. 

Please note that complete information and updates are to be checked on UniTrento call for applications and on the partner website. 

Why HGU?

Hochschule Geisenheim University is a young and small university situated between the river Rhine and the vineyards of the Rheingau in Geisenheim (11.533 inhabitants) in the Hessen region.
In this cozy atmosphere on a green campus double degree students will find:

  • a warm welcome by students and teaching staff
  • a strong international dimension (over 140 international partners) 
  • excellent career prospects after graduation (HGU boasts a network of over 1.000 companies and 3.000 alumni all over the world).

What is the added value?

In Italy and abroad, a double degree is always an added value. Not only the experts say it, you just have to browse through the job offers to realize that companies and organizations are looking for international and open-minded profiles, able to work in multicultural and face ever new global challenges: these are the oenologist of the future.

What are the professional outlets?

Double degree graduates can aspire to top positions in companies with strong cross-border ties: Germany is in fact the first commercial partner of Italy, while the latter represents the third commercial partner of the first, without forgetting that the importance of the German language for local companies, especially South Tyrolean, strongly integrated into the Central European economic system.

What are the requirements at the time of departure?

  • have obtained all the credits of the first year of the bacheor's degree
  • B1 level in German language (sometimes this requirement must be fulfilled at the momento of application to HGU)

It is however recommended to consolidate your knowledge of German as HGU will require to reach level B2 by the end of the mobility.

How long does mobility abroad take?

2 semesters (60 credits) from October.

Study plan

In addition to the study plan that must be agreed with both tutors for a total of 60 credits, double degree students must attend a German language course at HGU aimed at obtaining level B2 before the end of the mobility, unless you already have B2 level.

In which language?

All courses are in German.

How does the conversion of grades take place?

The conversion of the marks will be done on the basis of the conversion table in the downloads.


The thesis is normally prepared in the language of the host university, with a summary in the language of the home university.
Processing in English is possible, as long as agreed with the lecturers.
The thesis (final exam) can be discussed either at UniTrento or at Geisenheim but must be filed in both locations according to the rules and deadlines of each university.

Tuition fees

Students participating in the double degree program pay the tuition fees exclusively at UniTrento.
HGU requires the compulsory contribution for complementary services (which includes concessions for public transport in the region) of approx. 315 euros "Semesterbeitrag".

Educational qualification

At the end of the double degree course, students obtain two separate first cycle degree diplomas:
  • Laurea in Viticoltura ed Enologia from UniTrento
  • Bachelor of Science in Weinbau und Oenologie from HGU