International opportunities for students

Bilateral Agreements

What are Bilateral Agreements

A bilateral agreement is an agreement signed by two universities which choose to become partners in order to achieve common cooperation goals including student mobility for courses


Bachelor's and Master's students of the University of Trento


UniTrento has active agreements with Universities in more than 50 Countries, such as Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, China, South Korea, Russian Federation, Japan, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Philippine, United States, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. Due to security concerns, mobility to Ukraine, Russia and Israel are temporarily suspended.  A complete list of the agreements, both at the University and Departmental level, is available in the Download Box.


The duration of the mobility is one semester

How to Apply

If you want to participate in a mobility period under a bilateral agreement, you must submit your application for the annual mobility scholarship selection that is published on the Open selection calls page. See the international programmes calendar for information about publication of the calls. For information about the destinations available based on academic profiles, please check the last selection call available in the Download Box of the webpage Open selection calls.


Selection is based on the following criteria:
- language requirements for the chosen destination (CLA test or international certificate*);
- academic curriculum;
- evaluation of academic and personal motivation
*  If you don't have an international certification among those listed in the Useful Links box list of the Open selection calls page, you can take a test at the University Language Center. Information on registering for the language test can be found in the call for applications.

Tuition and Study Grants

Mobility under bilateral agreements is always exempted from tuition fees at the Host University and students only pay tuition to their Home University. The study grant is intended as a contribution to your travel and living expenses abroad and will be paid only for physical mobility in a single installment at the beginning of each semester. The grant amounts are subject to taxation and vary in accordance with your ISEE range. Starting from the 2024-2025 academic year (beginning on 1 August 2024), the grant amounts will be as indicated below:  

Grant for semester ISEE range (€)
€ 3.500 > 25.000
€ 4.750 ≤ 25.000

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the grant amounts will remain as indicated below:  

Grant for semester ISEE range (€)
€ 3.500 > 30.001
€ 4.500 20.001-30.000
€ 5.500 0-20.000


Agreement with the College de France

What is the Agreement with the College de France

The Collège de France, located in Paris, is a prestigious research institute that aims to create a forum for teaching and research of excellence within the international scientific community.
It is mainly focused on historiography and philology research, as well as mathematics, physics and social sciences.
What makes the institute unique in its approach can be summarized in the phrase "knowledge in the making in every field of literature, science and the arts". The Collège's motto is "Non pas des vérités acquises, mais l'idée d'une recherche libre" (Maurice Merleau-Ponty).

In the framework of this collaboration agreement, UniTrento funds a period of study or research at the Collège de France 


UniTrento doctoral students and post doc scholars


Mobility duration is about 1 month

How to apply

To participate you must pass the selection call for a mobility scholarship which is published annually. Please check the call available on the web page Open selection calls


The grant includes the refund of round-trip travel expenses and a contribution to room and board costs at affiliated lodging in Paris.