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Interested Double Degree students may refer to the International Mobility Office in order to visualize the conversion table (exams/thesis)

The double degree is an integrated study programme (also called joint programme), established by two or more universities, that allows students to attend part of their university career at the University of Trento and part at a partner university, thus obtaining both the Italian and the foreign qualifications at the same time.The programme pursues three main aims: diversification of the education; quality learning of a foreign language; deeper understanding of a different nation and culture.


students attending a course of study that entails a double degree programme with a foreign university.


between 1 and 4 semesters, depending on the agreement.


UniTrento has activated agreements with universities all over the world (see the Download Box).

Selection Calls

A selection call for the double degree programme is published annaully, normally in October with deadline in December, and includes several partner destinations.
The mobility is supported through a scholarship of € 4.000 per a.y.  See selections call in the download box of the webpage "open selection calls"

Besides this general call, some Departments offer additional double degree opportunities with separate calls for each destination and different timetables and selection procedures:

  • Department of Economics - Erasmus University Rotterdam, NL 
  • Department of Information Engeneering and Computer Science - EIT Digital Master School 
  • Department of Industrial Engineering - Master in Autonomous Systems,
    EIT Digital Master School 
  • Department of Industrial Engineering - Master in Sustainable Materials,  EIT Raw Materials 
  • Faculty of Law:
    - Washington University in St. Louis, School of Law (USA) – Transnational Law Program (TLP)

    - Michigan State University, College of Law (USA)
    Glasgow University, School of Law (UK) - Collaborative LL.B. and LL.M. Programme

    - University of Cincinnaty, College of Law (USA)
    - Indiana University Bloomington - Mauer School of Law (USA)

    For the Double Degree programmes in LAW, refer to the dedicated selections call in the download box of the webpage "open selection calls"


Scholarships amount depends on the country of destination (according to ISTAT countries classification, download Box):

  • EU destinations: €2.000/semester
  • Extra-EU destinations: €2.500/semester

Students Guide 

an information guide regarding the application to the Double Degree Program is available in the download box.

How to apply

The selection criteria for participation to the Double Degree Program are:

  • language requirements (CLA test or international certificate);
  • curriculum studiorum;
  • interview with an academic board (composed of UniTrento academic and non-academic staff).

The grants are assigned on the basis of the selections results. Students can be admitted with a hold in case they have not obtained the required amount of credits, that they will have to gain before the beginning of the programme.

Doctoral thesis co-tutelle

A co-tutelle programme allows a PhD student to obtain a  double doctoral degree within the framework of an agreement between the two participating institutions. Each “cotutelle-de-thèse” is carried out through the cooperative supervision of two professors, one from the University of Trento and one from the partner university. Further information available on the webpage on Doctoral Programmes.