International opportunities for students

The University of Trento offers to its students a new opportunity of international mobility for thesis research/final examination abroad.


Graduating students of Laurea/Laurea Magistrale/Laurea Magistrale a Ciclo Unico


In Universities or institutes selected by the student in accordance with the UniTrento academic supervisor. Regarding possible destinations, interested students are reminded that they will receive priority within the network of institutes belonging to ECIU University.


At least 3 months


The grant amount depends on the destination country:

  • 900 euro/3 months for European destinations (see destinations list in the download box below)
  • 1800 euro/3 months for extra-European destinations (see destinations list in the download box below)

The scholarship will be paid in a single instalment after the mobility start and will be taxed.

How to apply

Interested students will have to apply online (see online application at active selection calls page) by the monthly deadline (last day of each month). Mobility will be possible after 30 days from this monthly deadline (e.g.: if the application deadline is October , 31st, the departure will be possible starting from December, 1st).

Please note: if you are interested in a mobility project for thesis research/final examination to the following non-European partners, we kindly ask you to contact the International Mobility Office in advance:

- Barnard College, United States;
- University of Massachusetts Lowell, United States;
- California State University, Chico, United States;
- McMaster University, Canada;
- Sherbrooke University, Canada;
- Carleton University, Canada;
- University of Calgary, Canada;
- Shanghai International Studies University, China;
- Shanghai University, China;
- Nagasaki University, Japan;
- University of Adelaide, Australia;
- University of Melbourne, Australia;
- Macquarie University, Australia.

How to participate

Before applying, students must check the requirements outlined in the "Regolamento prova finale" of the programme they are enrolled in. When applying, students will have to meet the following requirements:

  • start the mobility before the 31st of July of the first year beyond the normal duration of the Degree Course ("primo anno fuori corso");
  • possess a B1 Level of the language of destination (to declare in the on-line form);

  • have at least 144CFU for students enrolled at the Laurea, 240CFU for students enrolled at the Laurea Magistrale a Ciclo Unico, 78CFU for students enrolled at the Laurra Magistrale (excepted those for whom the number of credits for the final thesis is equal to or greater than 30CFU, in these cases the minimum number of obtained credits is 75).

This grant cannot overlap to other financing for the same destination and period. The grant cannot be assigned to students who have already received financing for thesis research abroad within the same Degree Course. For Double Degree students, the destination city must be different from the city of the double degree programme and the mobility for thesis research can take place only after the student has passed all the exams foreseen by the DD programme (written consensus of the UniTrento and partner University tutors is compulsory).

Students enrolled in the joint master EMBS European Master in Business Studies and participanting in the EIT Digital double degree program can apply for a thesis research grant also for destination countries entailed by the program itself (provided that they are not benefitting from a program grant). This is applicable also to double degree students coming from the partner universities Shanghaj International Studies University (China), Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lituania) and American University of Central Asia (Kyrgystan).


The candidate should attach to the application form:

  • thesis research/ final examination project;

  • letter of support of the thesis/ final examination supervisor (using the template available in the download box);

  • letter of acceptance of the receiving institute (using the template available in the download box).


Interested students should apply online by the last day of each month. The list of accepted students will be available by the 15th of the following month. The student in mobility for thesis research must graduate within 6 months from the return to Italy.