International opportunities for students

Who can apply?

UniTrento students enrolled in the first year of the Master's degree course in:

  • Sociology and Social Research

  • with knowledge of the English language at B2 level

These requirements will be assessed when applying for the UniTrento call which is published annually.

Please note that complete information and updates are to be checked on UniTrento call for applications and on the partner website. 

Why TiU?

Tilburg University is centrally located in the Brabant region between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the German Ruhr district. Only 70 minutes from Amsterdam International Airport. This region is internationally recognized as one of the best European regions for innovation and knowledge with a stimulating business environment.
Tilburg University is doing well in the worldwide rankings in the field of Social Sciences and Psychology. With a #50 rank in Psychology worldwide by Times Higher Education, 2021 and #72 in Social Sciences & Management worldwide by QS Rankings, 2021.
With over 20,000 students of 123 nationalities, TiU trains professionals to become TiU-shaped professionals: responsible and enterprising thinkers, driven by solidarity, a sense of responsibility, and empathy, able to have an impact in an innovative way and to give direction to a rapidly changing society. This philosophy is still at the basis of what the university wants to contribute. Under the motto of 'Understanding society', its more than 1,500 employees develop knowledge, transfer it to others, and bring people from various disciplines and organizations together. In this way, TiU wants to contribute to solving complex social issues.
Become an expert in political research, social policy and solving social cohesion related-issues by taking the Sociology Master’s programs from both Tilburg University and the University of Trento (Italy). Focus on political research, social policy and qualitative research at the University of Trento and learn to translate societal problems into sociological research in order to evaluate current policy and derive new policy at Tilburg University.

What is the added value?

In Italy and abroad, a double degree is always an added value. Not only the experts say it, you just have to browse through the job offers to realize that companies and organizations are looking for international and open-minded profiles, able to work in multicultural teams and to face ever new global challenges: these are the workers of the future.

What are the requirements at the time of departure?

  • have achieved at least 45 ECTS and have a weighted average of marks of at least 25/30

The requirements listed above will be checked before departure, approximately between August and early September.

How long does mobility abroad take?

2 semesters (60 credits) from September.

Study plan

The study plan must be agreed and approved in advance by both academic supervisors.
Arrange any exams to be anticipated to the first year at UniTrento with the academic referent professor (eg: Thesis seminar or other credits).
A template is available in the downloads

In which language?

All activities are in English.

How does the conversion of grades take place?

The conversion takes place on the basis of the conversion table available in the downloads.


The thesis work must be done and discussed at TiU under the supervision of professors from both institutions.

Tuition fees

Students participating in the double degree program are also required to pay tuition fees at TiU.
For EU and EEA citizens only, an equal amount is paid in form of a Dual Degree Scholarship from the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences of TiU (max 4/year). Therefore, UniTrento EU and EEA students will only have university fees at UniTrento (if due) as a real expense. Warning: in case of a delay in the studies, TiU might ask back the amount of the scholarship.
On the other side, non-EU and non-EEA citizens are not entitled to receive the Dutch scholarship and will have to pay TiU tuition fees according to the Factsheet in the downloads in addition to UniTrento fees (if due).

Educational qualification

Al the end of the double degree course, students obtain two separate 2nd cycle degree diplomas:
- from TiU: Master of Science in Sociology
- from UniTrento:  Laurea magistrale in Sociology and Social Research