International opportunities for students

What are Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP)?

Developed by at least 3 Hei entitled with ECHE of at least 3 different participating Countries, with an innovative pedagogical approach, Blended Intensive Programmes combine short term physical mobility and virtual activities.
BIPs have to award at least to the participant students 3 credits, that will be recognized in students's career.


Bachelor students, master students, PhDs.

Participation to BIPs is not compatible with simultaneous participation in other mobility programmes for which one has already moved abroad, unless the ECIU activity is planned at the same university where one is spending the exchange mobility (in which case no additional financial support is provided). The physical and virtual parts must be completed at least within one month prior to graduation.


Eligible destinations are the host Institutions (the Coordinator or any other member) of the Blended Intensive Programmes approved by UniTrento Departments/Centres.
The list of BiPs to which UniTrento joined, with information on BIP Coordinator, UniTrento department and academic referent and programme state, are reported here below:


Physical mobility duration is between 5 and 30 days and it is anticipated or followed by virtual activities.
You can spend multiple physical periods of Erasmus+ mobility within each cycle of studies (undergraduate, master, doctorate) up to 12 months (24 months for five-year master's courses).

How to apply

To participate within a BIP, you must refer to department and academic referent of the programmes indicated in the section Destinations. 


For physical mobility, you will be able to receive a financial support, that can help you in covering travel and accommodation expenses abroad:

  • € 70,00/day for mobility from 1 to 14 days
  • € 50,00/day for mobility from 15 to 30 days

In order to calculate the contribution, also 2 days for travel will be counted (e.g. If physical mobility lasts 7 days, you will receive financing for 9 days, for a total € 630 = € 70*9).

If you travel mostly with a sustainable means of transport (train, bus, car sharing or bicycle), you might receive a single contribution of € 50 and up to 4 days of travel will be recognized in addition to study grant. You have to keep the tickets and upload the scanned copy in the Apply "Confirmation of participation in Erasmu+ BIP" at your return.

Green Travel

You will receive the contribution if you travel with sustainable means of transportation (train, car sharing, bus, bike or other sustainable means of transportation): for at least 51% of the distance (round trip) from Trento/Rovereto (location of your Department/Center/Faculty) and the City of the Host University. If the starting/arrival place it is different, you have to explain the reason in the dedicated application in the 15 days before/after the date indicated in your certificate of attendance.

For mobilities to Erasmus+ Programme Countries, an additional una tantum contribution of € 100 up to 15 days duration mobility or € 150 for longer mobility is provided for students with particular needs or those who have access to fewer opportunities who declare to belong to one of the following categories:

  • Students (I and II cycle) with an ISEE value up to € 24.335,11 (the students that don't have to provide the ISEE value at UniTrento are evened out as beneficiaries);
  • Students with medically certified physical, mental or other health conditions;
  • Students from a migrant background and refugees;
  • Students with minor children;
  • Student workers;
  • Students who are Professional Athletes; 
  • Students who are orphans of at least one parent;
  • Students who are children of victims of terrorism and organized crime
Information about Student worker

Student worker means someone:

  • who has a paid activity on behalf of private individuals, including cooperative societies, or public bodies;
  • who has an Italian or labor contract;
  • who carries out a self-employment activity with a VAT tax number and is able to certify that he/she is carrying out this activity;
  • who carries out a business, agricultural or artisanal activity;
  • who is part of the civil service.

In order to receive the additional contribution for fewer opportunities, you must submit a declaration affidavit, in which must be indicated the duration of the job (cannot be less than 3 months, even non continuous, in the 12 months from before the end of the Erasmus+ call up to the mobility period). The declaration must also contain:

  • information about the employer (if you are an employee);
  • information about the legal entity in case of a or labor contract;
  • the VAT number in case of self-employement and the activity carried out;
  • the information about the registration at the Chamber of Commerce in case of business, agricultural or artisanal activity; 
  • the indication of an annual income higher than that indicated by the tax legislation in order not to be considered dependent on another subject person for IRPEF purposes, including the cases (duly documented) of work activity carrided out in family businesses.


If you are a student with fewer opportunities you will receive a financial contribution for the travel, based on the distance between Trento/Rovereto (location of your Department/Center/Faculty) and the City of the Host University. In case of Green Travel you will not receive the € 50 top-up, but you might receive up to 4 days of travel and the financial contribution for the travel (see the Green Travel column in the table below).

Distance Financial contribution for the travel (standard) Financial contribution for the travel (Green travel)
10-99 KM € 23  € 23 (same of the standard)
100-499 KM € 180  € 210
500-1999 KM € 275  € 320 
2000-2999 KM € 360  € 410 
3000-3999 KM € 530  € 610

All the above mentioned contributions will be paid after the mobility.

You can apply for the financial support only once for semester and for a maximum of 3 times during your studies at UniTrento University.
Financial support is not provided if the mobility is not blended and the physical part is shorter than 5 days.

European Student Card Initiative (ESCI)

For more information about the European Student Card Initiative at UniTrento, see the following webpage. Download the Erasmus+ App before your mobility.