International opportunities for students

The Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility project coordinated by the University of Trento allows funded mobility of students and faculty from the partner universities.

Partner Universities

Region 2 - Neighbourhood East    
Ukraine  - National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"
Region 4 - Russian Federation        
Russian Federation - Ufa State Aviation Technical University
Russian Federation - Higher School of Economics - HSE St. Petersburg
Russian Federation - Higher School of Economics - HSE Moscow
Russian Federation - Tomsk Polytechnic University        
Region 5 - Asia    
Bangladesh - Asian University for Women

Open calls

For open calls please visit your home university website. Mobility with Russian Federation is not active.

Grants available 

In the frame of the Erasmus+ call 2022 UniTrento has been granted a total of 40 mobility grants to finance students and staff (both academic and administrative) mobility from partner universities that have signed with UniTrento the ER+ Inter-Institutional Agreement. 

The ER+ ICM contribution, funded by the European Commission, entails a monthly grant for students and a daily grant for academic staff, plus a travel contribution of 275/1500 euro according to the geographic distance between UniTrento and the partner university.

Student grants

Grants are meant to finance a mobility period for study or research purposes for UD, MA and PhD students for a period of up to 5,5 months, 11 months for those partners who have a Double Degree Agreement with UniTrento. The minimum stay is 2 months.
The grant amount is equal to 850 euro/month plus travel contribution (see the table in the download box).

Staff grants

Faculty mobility has to be for teaching/training purposes. Grants are meant to finance a mobility period of 10 days (travel included), entailing 10 hours of teaching (teaching mobility) at UniTrento. 

Administrative staff mobility is meant for training purposes. Grants are meant to finance a mobility period of 8 days (travel included), entailing 6 days of stay at UniTrento.

The grant amount is equal to 160 euro/day for incoming staff, 180 euro/day for outgoing staff, plus travel contribution (see the table in the download box).

Grant payment and services


Grant will be paid in 3 instalments:

  • first-month grant (850 €) will be available cash upon arrival in Trento for pick up at the Bank according to the instruction sent by the international office,
  • 70% minus first-month grant together with the travel contribution, will be paid onto an Italian (SEPA) student bank account opened on purpose,
  • 30% before leaving and after delivering the mobility documentation requested by the programme. In order to facilitate the students settlement, the first-month .

On campus accomodation (up to availability) and access to canteens will be granted to all participants. Please visit the Services and Facilities web page for further information.


Grants will be paid before the mobility start onto the mobile staff personal bank account, together with the travel contribution.

Accomodation. Grantees coming to Trento can book one of the university flat, depending on availability. Please contact UniTrento International Relations Divison for more information.

Mobility period and nomination/application deadlines


Students coming for courses attendance must be nominated within these deadlines: 

Semester 1 - a.y. 2022/23 fall term SEPTEMBER 2022 - FEBRUARY 2023:
Nomination by May 15th 2022 - Application by May 30th 2022

Semester 2 - a.y. 2022/23 spring term FEBRUARY 2023 - JULY 2023: October:
Nomination by October 15th 2022 - Application by October 30th 2022

Semester 3 - a.y.  2023/24 fall term SEPTEMBER 2023 - FEBRUARY 2024:
Nomination by May 15th 2023 - Application by May 30th 2023

Semester 4 - a.y.  2023/24 spring term FEBRUARY 2024 - JULY 2024:
Nomination by October 15th 2023 - Application by October 30th 2023

Semester 5 - a.y.  2024/25 fall term SEPTEMBER 2024 - FEBRUARY 2025:
Nomination by May 15th 2024 - Application by May 30th 2024

Semester 6 - a.y.  2024/25 spring term: FEBRUARY 2025 - JULY 2025:
Nomination by October 15th 2024 - Application by October 30th 2024

Students coming for research purposes have to be nominated at least 3 months before their arrival, after having checked in the experts webpage that the area of interest is covered in UniTrento.

Student must apply at their home university in accordance with timing and procedures established by the sending institution.  Partner universities are responsible for selection and nomination of students mobility using the online nomination tool.

Faculty mobility can take place freely based on the arrangements made between faculties of the partner universities and upon approval of the respective international offices. Nomination should preferably be given with a 3-months notice to allow to organize mobility properly. 

Administrative staff mobility should be arranged with the international offices of the sending and receving university and is mainly addressed to International Offices staff for participation in UniTrento International Staff Weeks. 

Students and staff selection

The sending institution is responsible for choosing its outgoing students and staff through fair and transparent selection, as envisage in the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, awarded to UniTrento, to which principles partner institutions have to comply with. The Declaration of sending institution is to be filled out for each mobility participant (see download box at the bottom right of the page).

Full transparency in the dissemination and selection process must be proved by partners, that are asked to send to UniTrento all formal documents relating to the students selections (emails, screenshots of websites, posters etc).

Academic staff does not need to undergo a formal selection, but the "Declaration of teaching staff selection criteria" must be filled out and sent to UniTrento. Nominated faculty must have agreed upon a teaching project of at least 10 hours with an UniTrento faculty of the same academic area.

Inclusion and Diversity


Project documentation

Each mobility participant will have to sign a financial agreement with UniTrento to allow the payment of the grant. Before mobility starts, student will have to draft their Learning Agreement, while staff will have to fill out their Mobility Agreement (templates available in the download box).

Support to mobility participants

Incoming students and staff will be fully supported in the organization of their mobility to Trento by the International office and will be granted accommodation (up to availability) or assisted in finding one and will have access to the same services offered to UniTrento students and staff. For more information about services see the Services and Facilities and the Why Trento  web pages.

After Mobility: recognition and credit transfer for mobile students

The core of the Erasmus+ program being the recognition by the home university of the academic experience abroad as counting towards the degree, and as foreseen in the learning agreement signed before mobility, all students returned from ICM exchange mobility will have to show that the examinations taken or research carried out at UniTrento have been recognized at the home university. Within 2 months from their return, students will have to send to UniTrento the home university transcript of records proving the credit transfer.

In case there is no official recognition in the transcript of records, partner universities are required to fill out the "Credit transfer declaration" document (available in the download box) and send it to UniTrento International Office asap. 

Erasmus+ visibility

All activities organized in the frame of Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (students' selection calls, emails of dissemination, teaching material, and so on) must clearly show the ER+ logo (available in the download box).

Dissemination and information activities will be carried out by partners universities as agreed within the partnership Guide for dissemination (available in the download box).


The inclusion in the international mobility experience of the participants with fewer opportunities is encouraged and supported with:     

  • a top up of 250 €/per month (only for the project ICM 2022).   
  • a ticket bought before by UniTrento through its travel agent.
  • the support of the offices in charge before and during the arrival of the participants.

UniTrento ICM partnership has an inclusive approach and has developed plans to promote diversity, equity and initiatives to enhance differences and prevent discriminatory phenomena .UniTrento has launched the campaign #finiscequi against discrimination and against harassment with some powerful phrases, but also launched them bottom-up.The partnership will commit itself to launch a tailor-made international campaign against discrimination and harassment that each Country feels like its own.

"He said that I am doing quite well with numbers... for being a woman".


UniTrento encourages the students to adopt a responsible behavior towards the environment around us. We highly recommend, if you have the chance, to choose an eco-friendlier transport on your way yo UniTrento (using for example the train). Once you arrive in Trento, we invite you to reduce your environmental impact. Check out our green guide where you will be able to write, in the shared padlet, your own suggestions. And do not forget to visit the university page dedicated to a sustainable international mobility!