International opportunities for students

Among the Mobility of Individuals (Key Action 1) the Erasmus+ Programme allows international students enrolled at a Higher Education Institution that has signed an Inter-Institutional agreement with UniTrento to spend a mobility period at Trento. In the download box you can find the list of universities with which UniTrento has signed an Erasmus+ agreement for student mobility for study, divided according to their location either in a Programme Country (European countries) or in a Partner Country (extra-European countries, called International Credit Mobility). 


Activities for students

  • Study: attendance of classes, exams taking, thesis research for students/PhDs, traineeship as combined activity with study
  • Traineeship: 
    within the University's offices and laboratories (supported by UniTrento international staff)
    in an enterprise or any other relevant workplace out of the University (in this case the student has to contact directly the host institution)


Students enrolled in the I, II o III cycle of a Higher Education Institution that has signed an interinstitutional agreement with UniTrento.

For traineeship it is not required an Erasmus+ agreement and also new graduates are admitted, but if selected before graduation.

In the download box the List of Partner Universities for the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme. 


  • Study: from 2 to 12 months, also depending on what stated in the agreement (e.g. the duration is 5 months fixed for International Credit Mobility)
  • Traineeship: from 2 to 12 months


  • Programme Countries: grants are paid by the sending institution
  • Partner Countries: grants are paid by UniTrento and amount to 850 euros/month (for a 5 months stay) plus travel expenses reimbursement

European Student Card Initiative (ESCI)

For more information about the European Student Card Initiative at UniTrento, see the following webpage. Download the Erasmus+ App before your mobility.
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