International opportunities for students

The double degree programme is an integrated (or joint) study programme based on the principle of cooperation between different university systems. It is established by two or more universities who have made specific agreements to allow their students to attend part of their university career at the University of Trento and part at the partner/s university, thus obtaining both the Italian and the foreign qualification(s) at the same time. The programme aims at diversification of the education, quality learning of a foreign language, deeper understanding of a different nation and culture.

Participating students can be either bachelor or master students, depending on the level of the specific study course/s the double degree programme regards. Students mobility is possible for a period ranging from 2 to 4 semesters. Participation in the mobility generally entails a students’ selection carried out by the students’ home university, who is responsible for nominating selecting students to UniTrento. In some cases there might be a joint/consortium selection call (see table of DD agreements in the download box for information about selection procedures).

In pursuing a specific international policy the University of Trento has signed double degree agreements with foreign universities since 1997, involving all its Departments (see list of DD agreements in the download box).