International opportunities for students

With its 11 Departments and 3 Centres, the University of Trento offers to international students a wide choice of courses at Bachelor, Master and PhD level. You can find the complete educational offer, either in Italian or in English, in the Esse3 database.

Courses taught in Italian

Courses taught in Italian are open to international students with Italian proficiency: minimum level A2 of the Common European Language Framework or B1 depending on the Department.

The University Language Centre (CLA), offers intensive and extensive courses of Italian language for foreign students at different levels. Each Italian language course taught at CLA is equivalent to 3 ECTS.

Courses offered in English or in other foreign languages 

The list of courses offered in English are divided according to the educational area:

Due to Covid-19 Emergency the educational offer of 2020-21 is under revision and it will be available soon. 

Please note: the courses choice must be pre-approved by the Home University and by the University of Trento by the use of the learning agreement, that the exchange student has to define before his/her arrival. For the admission to courses in English please consider the specific academic and language requirements specified in the courses tables. Please consider that the list of courses is updated once a year. For the most recent updates please refer to the Esse3 link above.

Please note: for Erasmus+ students (from European countries only), 60% of the courses must be chosen in the Department for which the student has been selected.

Academic Calendar and UniTrento Fact Sheet

Here you will find the Academic Calendar and the UniTrento Fact Sheet.

Due to Covid-Emergency, the Academic Calendar of 2020-21 is under revision and it will be available soon. 

Other opportunities

Introduction to Italian Culture

Join the course specifically designed for incoming students to get familiar with Italy and italians!

School of Innovation: Tools for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Exchange students can access courses and modules of the School of Innovation and get the final “Innovation Certificate” after collecting 12 ECTS. These courses provide knwowledge and skills in specific areas of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (i.e. business models, marketing, business strategy, brand development, multicultural negotiation, international alliances, intellectual property,...). Upon completion of the Programme, the chances of SOI Alumni to be hired by start-ups, SMEs or large companies gorw exponentially, due to their acquired knowledge on how to come up with a novel idea, protect tehir patents, develop a sustainable action plan and find ways of financing it.

The call for applications is published in late July. After the selection process, students will be notified the acceptance notification in the first decade of October. Download the document for more information on the tools of the School of Innovation and contact your Mobility Office to apply.