International opportunities for students

The Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility project coordinated by the University of Trento allows funded mobility of students and faculty from the partner universities.

About the project 

The 2020 Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility was approved for a total of EUR 835.215,00 € and 175 mobilities: 89 student mobilities and 86 staff mobilities. The project ended on July 31st, 2023.

The partnership

Western Balkans

  • Albania - Polytechnic University of Tirana
  • Bosnia-Erzegovina - University of Sarajevo
  • Kossovo - University of Pristina

South Mediterranean Countries

  • Tunisia - University of Tunis El Manar
  • Tunisia - University of Carthage

Russian Federation

  • Russia - Polzunov Altai State Technical University
  • Russia – HSE St. Petersbrug
  • Russia – HSE St. Petersbrug
  • Russia -North Caucasus Federal University


  • Bangladesh - Asian University for Women
  • India – Amrita University
  • Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology
  • Vietnam – University of Science and Technology of Hanoi - VAST
  • Vietnam – Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  • Vietnam - Hanoi University

Sub-Saharan Africa

  • South Africa - Stellenbosch University

Other industrialised countries

  • Japan - Tokyo University
  • Japan - Nara Institute of Technology
  • Japan - Nagasaki University

Mobility implementation 

UniTrento used the 87,91% of the approved budget corresponding to EUR 734.206,14 supporting: student mobility for a duration of 5 months for course attendance and 3-5 months for thesis/PhD research and staff mobility for an average duration of 7-8 days.


As an exchange student, my journey to Trento, Italy, has been nothing short of transformative. Trento is a city that captivates the heart and soul with its remarkable blend of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. This charming city nestled in the Italian Alps has provided me with an unforgettable experience, both academically and personally. Trento's historical charm is evident from the moment one sets foot in its well-preserved old town. Cobblestone streets wind their way through a tapestry of colorful facades, each hiding tales of centuries gone by. What makes Trento truly exceptional is its scenic setting. Surrounded by majestic Alpine peaks and cradled by the Adige River, the city's natural beauty is a constant source of wonder. The nearby Dolomites offer a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, inviting me to hike, ski, and immerse myself in the breathtaking landscapes of this region. Trento is not only a city of aesthetics but also a hub of culture and academia. The University of Trento (Unitrento) has been my academic home, fostering a dynamic and international atmosphere. The opportunity to engage with students and researchers from diverse backgrounds has expanded my worldview and enriched my learning experience. The Trentino wine region offers exquisite wines, from the effervescent TrentoDOC to the robust Teroldego. Trentino's cuisine showcases the fusion of Alpine and Italian influences, creating a culinary journey that tantalizes the taste buds and nourishes the soul. Transportation links in Trento are excellent, allowing easy exploration of the region and neighboring countries. This has enabled me to embark on adventures, discovering nearby cities and landscapes that have further enriched my exchange experience. Trento is a city that thrives on quality of life, with its clean environment, low crime rates, and a strong sense of community. It embraces a balanced lifestyle, where urban amenities harmoniously coexist with access to nature. As an exchange student, my time in Trento has been a journey of personal growth and discovery. It's a place where I've immersed myself in the Italian way of life while savoring the boundless opportunities for exploration and adventure that the Alps provide. Trento is not just a city; it's an experience that has left an indelible mark on my heart, one that I will carry with me throughout my life. Trento has not only been my educational destination but also a home where I've found beauty, culture, and lifelong memories.
Thi Quynh Trang Nguyen, from Hanoi University of science and technology, Humanities 


I derived immense satisfaction from my participation in the Erasmus program, where I had the privilege of engaging with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and varying perspectives. During this transformative experience, I found myself not only dedicated to my thesis work but also enriched by the opportunity to interact with a multitude of cultures and viewpoints. This journey enabled me to cultivate a newfound proficiency in Italian, broadening my horizons and affording me fresh perspectives on life. Furthermore, it allowed me to identify novel opportunities for personal and academic growth, ultimately aiding me in a deeper exploration of self-discovery.
Klodian Brahushaj, University of Tirana, Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering


More experiences and testimonials of the ER+ICM projects available at the Testimonials webpage.  

Events and dissemination 

Staff events

UniTrento International Staff Week 2022: This event took place from the 12th to the 17th of June 2022. It involved workshops and sessions on Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility KA107; best practices and challenges of management; dissemination activities; Soft Skills and Global Competences and priorities and novelties of new programme Erasmus+ 21-27 with a special focus on green and inclusion.
UniTrento International Staff Week 2023: The University of Trento has organised two editions of the International Staff Week, in May and in July. It was a unique opportunity to create network opportunities, share best practices and training skills in a stimulating context. The programme included workshops and sessions on innovative ways of learning and realising international experiences: approaches to microcredentials, challenge-based learning case studies, sustainable and green mobility.
ICM Staff Kick off meeting: this event was held on the 12th of October 2023 and it was divided in two sessions to ensure everyone’s participation. The Kick off gave the staff an opportunity to interact and get to know each other better in order to plan a fruitful collaboration. 

Student events 

Erasmus days: this event was held in October 2022 and its main focus was on making the mobility experience more sustainable by widening student’s knowledge on the following topics: environmental problems, climate change, biodiversity, social inequalities…in hope of creating a better, wiser and stronger international community that can solve this problem. 
Students had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Science and the sustainability Gallery. For more information see the event's schedule in the download box


Many posts, article and publications have given visibility to the project activities. Each month all the participants and staff received a Newsletter with the main news and events about the project.

Outcome and added values

1. Evaluation by participants: the Erasmus+ ICM experience has been positively valued by both students and staff grantees. Everyone agreed on the added value that this project brought about in their lives reporting an improvement in the following fields

problem-solving skills - 95 %
multicultural acceptance - 94%
analytic skills - 89% 
curiosity and open mindedness -  97%
build a profesional network - 94%
ability to cooperate with people with different values - 95%
social, linguistic, and cultural competences - 90%