International opportunities for students

The number of international exchange opportunities offered to students by the University of Trento is wide indeed at all levels of studies (bachelor, master and doctorate). The University management is strongly convinced that a University education carried out abroad, even though partially, can improve the student educational growth. Thanks to these opportunities, students will acquire a remarkable complex and experienced knowledge which will be important for a competitive curriculum at national, European and international level.

Bilateral Agreements

A bilateral agreement is an agreement signed by two universities which choose to become partners to achieve common specific aims related to: student mobility, joint research activities, common activities such as the organization of seminars or conferences, etc.

The CIMeC has bilateral agreements with partner universities from all over the world:

Double Degree

The double degree is an integrated study programme (also called joint programme), established by two or more universities, that allows students to attend part of their university career at the University of Trento and part at a partner university, thus obtaining both the Italian and the foreign qualifications at the same time.The programme pursues three main aims: diversification of the education; quality learning of a foreign language; deeper understanding of a different nation and culture.

We offer this program with the University of Osnabruck (Germany), a public university with about ten thousands students. It is known for its interdisciplinary programs, many of which are unique in Germany, including its diploma and graduate studies in cognitive science. Research areas include artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, neuropsychology, neuroinformatics and philosophy of mind.

Erasmus +

The Erasmus+ Programme allows professors and students of UniTrento to spend abroad in a partner university or another relevant organization in a country member of the Programme (Key Action 1 - Individual Mobility). A contribution for travel, room and board expenses is provided.

Partnership agreement

The Center for Mind/Brain Sciences has established an agreement with the Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence​ of the University of Tilburg (The Netherlands). For students who earned a Master of Science in Communication and Information Sciences with specialization in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Tilburg, the agreement establishes the possibility to be admitted - upon selection - to the Master's course in Cognitive Science. The credits acquired during the one year's Master's degree will be recognized by University of Trento for the completion of the Master's degree in Cognitive Science, provided that the student has followed the study program agreed between both Universities.  

Internship abroad 

UniTrento offers the opportunity to go abroad for a traineeship both in countries participating in Erasmus+ programme and in non-European countries 

Thesis Reasearch Abroad

The University of Trento offers to its students a new opportunity of international mobility for thesis research abroad in Universities or institutes selected by the student in accordance with the UniTrento academic supervisor.