International opportunities for students


Admitted EU students can enroll in the programme starting from mid-July.
Admitted non-EU are usually enrolled in the programme at the end of August/ beginning of September.
Further instructions are sent by email by the Student Support Service.

Tuition fees and scholarships

Tuition fees for EU students

Tuition fees for Italian and EU students depend on their economic situation. It is possible to apply for a fee reduction with an "ISEE Università " (for italian students) or an Equivalent ISEE (for EU students). Please see the dedicated webpages.

Tuition Fees for Non-Eu students

For non-EU students, tuition fees for the first year depend on their application score. Read our tuition fees webpage to learn more on our tuition fees system for non-EU students. 


Italian and EU students can apply for scholarship, fee exemption and accomodation awarded by Opera Universitaria

Scholarships for non-EU students are awarded according to the application score: non-EU students who rank in the first places of the shortlist are automatically assigned a UniTrento scholarship (yearly amount € 7.200).

For a.y. 2024/25 there are four UniTrento scholarships available. Scholarships are automatically assigned and notified by email, there is no need to submit a separate application. Students who receive a scholarship have the fee exemption, too.


Attendance is not mandatory but however it is strongly recommended. 
For some courses attendance is necessary to gain full coursework grades (especially hands-on courses and labs). If you cannot attend a course, reach out to the professor and inform him/ her.

Classes and semesters

Classes usually start mid-September. The academic year is divided into two semesters:
-    First semester (winter semester) from September to December
-    Second semester (spring semester) from February to the end of May/beginning of June

Students have three chances to take exams throughout the academic year (three "exams sessions" ).
-    The winter exam session usually starts mid-January until mid-February
-    The summer exam session usually starts mid-June until the beginning of July
-    The autumn session starts end August until mid-September

For information on courses, academic calendar, schedule, study plan and exams please see the website for enrolled students