International opportunities for students

Application package

The complete application for the Master's degree in Cognitive Science consists of:

besides candidates can upload the following information related to:

  • Letter of reference (to be sent by the Referee)
  • Copies of any supporting documents that you feel may contribute to your application

To apply for the Master's course in Cognitive Science, please access the MCS online application and complete it accurately.
Please note that no paper nor email applications will be accepted.

Bachelor's degree and official University transcripts

A first-level degree (at least three years) awarded by an internationally recognized university-level institution is the minimum requirement in order to apply for the Master's degree in Cognitive Science. You are required to scan a copy of your degree and attach it to the application in the dedicated area. Students who still have not completed their first-level degree, but that expect to graduate respectively:

  • before June 30, 2020 (for non-EU students resident abroad)
  • before October 31, 2020 (for EU students or non EU-students permanent resident in Italy)

have to provide an enrollment certificate from their university stating their expected graduation date (Italian applicants can provide a self-declaration).

In addition, you are required to inform us about the single courses you passed in your previous and/or actual degree, providing a list with the title and grade of each exam, and final mark (i.e. University transcripts). All the documents must be written or translated in English or Italian.

Official English language certificate

If your first language is not English or if the language of instruction of your previous degree/high school is not English, we ask you to provide evidence of your command of English.

The following English tests are accepted:

Be aware that the procedure to take the test and learn the test results may be long. If you do not have taken any official English test or are still waiting for the test results at the point of the application deadline, you have to provide a self-declaration stating the date when you are supposed to submit your English language certificate.

The test results must be sent by email to mcs [at]

  • before June 30, 2020 (for non-EU students resident abroad)
  • before October 31, 2020 (for EU students or non EU-students permanent resident in Italy).

You do not need to include an English language certificate in the following cases:

  • English is your mother tongue or you live in a country where English is the official language (please submit a self-declaration along with your application)
  • The language of your previous/current degree or high school is English (please submit a declaration from your University or high school stating that the official language of instruction is English)
  • You have passed a University exam or test for the English Langauge at least at B2 level (please attach a certificate or University transcript)

Statement of purpose

The Admissions Committee strongly relies on the statement of purpose to select the most motivated applicants. In the online application you are asked to submit a statement of maximum 4.000 characters (spaces included) where you provide information on your motivation for the Master's program, your extracurricular activities and your work experience.

Curriculum vitae

A brief but complete CV in Europass-format should highlight the most important steps of your academic and professional career and include information about permanent contact and present address, phone number and email as well as a Skype contact if you have one.

Letter of reference

Letter of recommendation, not mandatory, should be written by one of your professors at University and/or by managers in your company. Complete the section Referee(s) in the online application form with the information required about your referee and ask your referee to send the letter directly to us (mcs [at] specifying your name in the subject line. We strongly encourage you to use the sample reference letter in the Download box. Contact us immediately if you or your referee have any problem.