International opportunities for students


The two-year CIMeC Master's in Cognitive Science provides students with advanced theoretical and methodological knowledge in behavioural, cognitive and computational neuroscience and computational linguistics through an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the mind-brain system. The program emphasises the interplay between biology-based and technology-based explorations of the human mind and a close relationship between teaching and research. Together with training discipline-specific knowledge and skills, the program develops key transferable skills such as critical thinking, scientific speaking and writing. During the first year students are mostly involved in both theoretical and methodological courses, while during the second year they enroll in an extensive internship and research project where they acquire an invaluable direct exposure to the scientific research practice having access to the laboratories at CIMeC, working with CIMeC PIs and their groups, and gaining hands-on experience with cutting-edge research technologies.

Students choose among three tracks:

-Cognitive Neuroscience (CN)
-Computational and theoretical modelling of Language and Cognition (CLC)
-Fundamental Behavioural Neuroscience (FBN)

The tracks share some common basic courses including introduction to cognitive neuroscience, basic programming, research designs and statistical analysis, and a selection of specialized courses that allow students to tailor their training to their academic interests.


Open Days

Open Days are dedicated to prospective MSc students from UniTrento and other universities in Italy and abroad, interested in getting firsthand information about the CIMeC Master's program in Cognitive Science.

Here below you can view the video of the last early online Open Day (February 21st, 2024)