International opportunities for students


  • This Master's program in Cognitive Science offers a unique opportunity for students aiming to train as scientists. Its main aim is to prepare strong Ph.D. candidates who are well trained and that can be competitive and confident in performing research in international settings.
  • All courses are given in English by scientists who developed research programs in top level institutions, through their wide network of international collaborations.
  • Students have access to the laboratories during the master's program, thus gaining invaluable hands-on experience with the latest research technologies, including fMRI, EEG, MEG, TMS and eye tracking. This opportunity, usually granted only at the doctoral level courses, will provide the type of adequate technical skills necessary for acceptance into competitive Ph.D. programs. Students have been accepting into leading graduate studies in Universities including Cambridge and Dartmouth.
  • The Master's program is open to and aimed towards students from diverse backgrounds, including students with no background in cognitive sciences. 

Our students say

The program permits you to almost always find a way to study what you are interested in, with very interesting hands-on possibilities in the research field.

An invaluable experience that nicely prepared me for my PhD!

The CIMeC Master's course is a difficult program, but it can turn an absolute beginner into a solid PhD candidate in just two years.

What I really appreciated about this program is its extremely international setting. Despite the fact I stayed in Italy I had the opportunity to be involved 360 degrees in a multicultural and cross research environment from the academic point of view. In this way, my English has really improved a lot and I acquired more technical knowledge and started developing practical skills useful for pursuing a PhD. Moreover, the SISSA-Trento agreement, whose admission I benefitted from, gave me the chance to get a sort of ‘preview' of how the first year of a PhD program should be like (including the attendance to advanced courses and seminars) and understand the challenges of the sector.

I like the way students are encouraged and motivated in whatever area they are interested in research. With the latest technology and peaceful nature around, University of Trento is the best place for studying.

The two years of Master were extremely helpful in learning how to organise time and how to work independently. At the same time it offered a really friendly environment to work in and the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. The modules offered covered all the basics needed, but some focused on more recent techniques and topics which, accompanied by hands-on sessions, resulted in great, challenging time and gained experience.

The multidisciplinary aspect of the program teaches you to look at the same things from different perspectives, which is fantastic!

Despite endless, tiring working hours, being a master student in Italy has been incredibly meaningful and enjoyable. Especially amazing were the experiences of climbing up Monte Cornetto and looking quietly at Rovereto, which lies in the Lagarina valley with plenty of greenery color; cycling by Adige River; drinking coffee macchiato at CIMEC's garden while looking at the Monte Bondone; and eating delicious spaghetti with very tasty porcini mushroom. And of course, meeting with very nice and smart people inside and outside of the classes was just another beautiful aspect of being a student in Rovereto.

CIMeC is a happy cognitive neuroscience "island" in Italy.

This Master's program is essentially a good point to inaugurating one's career in the field of Neuroscience. Access to laboratories and colleagues' work is unconditional and it indeed structures your practical skills. University of Trento and CIMeC own equipment that many other universities can only dream of. An overall great and active community, supportive of any individual's interests. The possibilities given are endless; it is almost imperative for the students to take advantage of them - it is as spotting a goldmine and not digging in it.

If you want practical, hands-on research experience, this program is for you!

The main strength of the program is the close link between theory and practice: through a hands-on oriented approach, the program offers a unique (at least in Italy) opportunity to directly work with the facilities CIMeC provides, from the very beginning of the program. By the end of their 2-years training, students acquire the necessary knowledge to conduct state-of-the-art research, and this usually means being accepted in the best PhD programs all over the world. If you are looking for a program to develop both your theoretical and practical skills in neuroscientific research, then the M.Sc. program in Cognitive Science is your best choice.

The Master's program was great! It offered me plenty of opportunities: helpful courses, mobility programs and collaboration options. I hope the program continues and only gets better in the future.