International opportunities for students

If you hold:

  • an Italian stay permit for work reasons (not a "stagionale" - temporary one), family, religious  and humanitarian reasons;
  • a student stay permit ONLY if you obtained an Italian bachelor degree and you want to enroll in a master's course

you are considered a non European student living in Italy.

Important clarifications if you hold an Italian student residence permit

If you hold a study stay permit because you are enrolled in a University course

You are not allowed to withdraw from that University and enroll in another course (in the same University or in a different one) by using the same residence permit. You must withdraw from University, return to your home country, and complete a new pre-enrolment process ("pre-iscrizione") for the new course you want to attend. You will then receive a new student visa from the Italian Embassy, and apply for a new student residence permit upon arrival in Italy. You are required to apply for the new course according to the procedure and the deadline pertaining to Non-Eu students living abroad.

Example: You are currently enrolled in a Master's course in Sociology at the University of Pavia and you hold a student residence permit. You had arrived to Italy last year after having completed the pre-enrolment process at the Italian Embassy in your home country, and after having being granted a student visa. You are now interested in the Master's course in European and International Studies offered by the University of Trento. Please note that you have to apply for the new Master's course by the deadline pertaining to Non-Eu citizens living abroad, since you are not allowed to simply withdraw from the current course in Pavia and enroll in the course at the University of Trento. You will have to withdraw from the course in Pavia, go back to your home country, apply again for both pre-enrolment (in the Master's course in European and International Studies offered at the University of Trento) and for a student visa.

These regulations do not apply to students who can complete a proper "trasferimento" to the second University.


If you hold a study stay permit and you have just graduated

You can renew your study stay permit ONLY if your are applying for a Master's degree after having completed a Bachelor's degree in Italy or if you are applying for a PhD programme after having completed a Master's degree in Italy. It is not possible to renew your study stay permit if you apply for a study course of the same level of the degree that you have just completed.

Note that applications and deadlines are different according to free or limited access to the study course.

For the following limited access courses

Bachelor's degree:

  • Comparative, European and International Legal Studies

Master's degree:

  • Cognitive Science
  • European and International studies
  • MAIN - Innovation Management
  • MEC - Economics
  • MIM - International Management
  • Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology
  • Quantitative and Computational Biology
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • International Security Studies
  • Energy Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Information and Communication Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Environmental Meteorology

Applications must be made online by the deadline.

For the following free access courses (unlimited number of admitted students)

  • Mathematics
  • Materials and Production Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Physics
  • Sociology and Social Research
  • Environmental Engineering

You have to refer to the Students Support Office in order to submit your educational documents for the admission application. 
The Admissions Committee will evaluate your profile based on your proficiency and academic curriculum.


In either case, by the end of October you have to upload all the following documents in the online application according to your profile:

If you obtained your degree in a University based in one of the countries which adhered to the European Higher Education Area If you obtained your degree in a University not based in the European Higher Education Area
  • copy of your passport
  • copy of your stay permit/receipts of application of the Italian stay permit;
  • original of the University degree or educational qualification;
  • Diploma Supplement 
  • copy of your passport
  • copy of your stay permit/receipts of application of the Italian stay permit;
  • original of the University degree or educational qualification, legalized* (or with Apostille stamp if applicable) by the Authority of the country which issued the certification, and officially translated in Italian;
  • only if you have it, declaration of value issued by the Italian diplomatic Representation based in the country in which the University has its official branch (e.g. if you obtained your degree from a Brazilian university based in US you need to request the declaration of value to the Italian diplomatic Representation in Brazil);
  • transcript of records, either in the original English, French, German or Spanish version or officially translated in Italian.