International opportunities for students
Information for International Guests at UniTrento

ATTENTION: This page is frequently updated!

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Health Ministry are updating policies as the COVID situation continues to improve. However, certain requirements related to travel may apply. Please refer to the following information for more details. 

Arriving to Italy from Abroad

For details on potential requirements for entry to Italy based on country of origin or transit, please see the Italian Health Ministry's COVID-19 Travellers web page.

For other updates on travel to and from Italy, visit the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel web site.

To find general information and updates ontravel within the European Union, see theRe-Open EU web page and theEuropean Union Green Pass web page.

Transportation in Italy After Arrival

  • Starting from 1 May 2022 throughout Italy the Green Pass system will no longer be in use.

Measures in Place Throughout Italy

  • Starting from 16 June 2022, face masks are strongly recommended for indoor venues such as sports events, theaters, concerts, cinemas, large group gatherings and other similar activities. It is also recommended to wear a face mask in other indoor areas, such as supermarkets, restaurants, bars, offices, stores and outdoor sports events.
  • Face masks are required for those working in and visiting hospitals, retirement homes and other healthcare facilities.
  • For more details on policies implemented by the Italian government at the national level check the Italian Health Ministry's FAQ page.

On Campus at UniTrento

Reservations are required to eat at university restaurants using the Opera4U App. For more information see the Opera Canteens web page.

There are currently no restrictions to access other UniTrento facilities and buildings. Therefore, there are no limitations when entering classrooms, laboratories and offices with user capacity at 100%.

Restrictions apply only if the following health conditions are present:

  • Positive COVID-19 swab test result
  • Fever above 37.5 C°

In these cases, it is prohibited to access all UniTrento buildings and facilities.

If mild symptoms are present, such as a cold or cough but without fever and no particular respiratory difficulties, access to classrooms, laboratories and offices is allowed with the recommendation to wear a personal FFP2 face mask. 

The University will provide FFP2 face masks to employees with certain medical conditions certified by their general practitioner or the University doctor to help them reduce the risk of contracting serious illnesses. 

FFP2 face masks are also available for employees who request them in the case of front office activities without protective screens and when interpersonal distancing of one meter is not possible. Requests can also be made if activities are required in particularly crowded and enclosed spaces. Face masks continue to be required in all health care facilities and during related activities.

Precautionary Hygiene

In addition to the use of face masks, it is always recommended to:

  • Avoid crowded environments to the extent possible
  • Frequently sanitize hands using specific liquid or gel dispensers
  • Practice appropriate respiratory hygiene (sneezing and/or coughing into a tissue and avoiding hand contact with respiratory fluids)

Management of a Positive Case

In the event of fever or difficulty breathing, the affected person must return immediately to their home and inform their general practitioner who will indicate the appropriate procedures to follow.

If the test result for COVID-19 is positive, the course professor or office supervisor must be notified. The University COVID-19 contact person must also be notified for the monitoring of infections, which is still active. 

The infected person must remain in isolation until the symptoms disappear in accordance with the indications given by the Ministry of Health Bulletin issued on August 31st, which requires:

  • 5 days of isolation for asymptomatic cases and for symptomatic cases without symptoms for at least 2 days after a negative result of an antigenic or molecular test
  • 14 days of isolation from the first positive test if symptoms remain, regardless of the test result.

Close Contact

The provisions of the Ministry of Health Bulletin no. 19680 from 03/30/2022 remain in effect. The self-monitoring requirement applies to those who have had close contact with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 positive individuals. This includes the obligation to wear FFP2 face masks indoors and in crowded areas until the 10th day after the date of the last close contact.

If symptoms similar to those of SARS-CoV-2 occur during the self-monitoring period, it is recommended to immediately take an antigen or molecular test. In the event of a negative result, the test must be repeated if symptoms are still present on the 5th day after the date of the last close contact.

Counseling Service

For any student who would like to contact us, the Counseling Center is available by appointment via Skype or through other on-line platforms to give advice and support. Generally there are 1 or 2 appointments per student lasting about 20 minutes each. To make an appointment send an e-mail to: consulenzapiscologica.studenti [at] E-mails are read daily and you will be contacted to confirm your appointment. Students can also call 0461.808.116 Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

We hope this stressful situation passes and returns to normal as soon as possible. 

Call 1500 or 800.867.388 (toll free numbers) if you have a persistent cough, a constantly high temperature or other potential COVID symptoms.