International opportunities for students
Application procedures for Exchange Students

Study at UniTrento

To study at UniTrento as an Exchange Student, please refer to the International Office of your home university that will inform you about the existing student mobility agreements between your university and UniTrento (the list of partner universities is also available on the mobility programme pages). If you fulfill the requirements of the specific international program you are interested in, your institution must nominate you to spend a study period with us.

Exchange students with Italian language proficiency can attend classes taught in Italian. An educational offer in English is available as well.

Collect further information on Choose your courses and Language requirements.

The courses chosen by each student must be pre-approved by the Home University and by UniTrento through a Learning Agreement, which has to be draft according to the deadlines communicated by the International Mobility offices.

Traineeship at UniTrento

Students interested in an Erasmus+  internship at UniTrento must be selected by their Home University and be nominated at least 3 months before arrival. To apply for an internship position at the University of Trento please contact the faculty/department where you want to carry out your internship directly.

Online Nomination

Before submitting the online application, all students must first be officially nominated by their Home University. The Nomination must be submitted online by the International office of the Partner University by the following deadlines:

  • by 15 May for the Fall/Winter semester and full year students
  • by 15 October  for the Spring/Summer semester 

The link to the online Nomination Tool has been provided by the International Office to the Partner Universities. 

Please contact the International Office of your Home University to check whether your nomination has been sent to UniTrento.

Online Application and deadlines

The International Mobility Office Staff at UniTrento will contact you after the official nomination has been received and will send you information on how to submit your online application.


  • End of May for applications for the Fall semester (September-January) and Full year - study purposes
  • End of October for applications for the Spring semester (February-July) - study purposes
  • Three months before the expected date of arrival in Trento (at least) in case of traineeships and in case of mobility for research purposes.

Note: in some cases the deadline for applying may be different, and will be communicated by the UniTrento contact person directly.

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