International opportunities for students

Post-BA and post-MA professional Master's Courses

Professional Masters are advanced courses providing vocational training to new-graduates and to workers.
They are aimed at:

  • offering to new-graduates a further training and specialization in the scientific field of interest;
  • improving workers' specific skills.

Educational activities consist of lessons, workshops and internship, so that the participants can "learn by doing" and will acquire a more appealing professional profile.
One year is the average length for a Professional Master. The admission is restricted to selection (CV, entrance test, interview). 
You can find the needed requirements in each call for applications at the Professional Master's academic offer page

Enrolment to Professional Masters for international students

In order to enroll in a post-BA professional Master's course (Master di I livello), you must have at least a 3 or 4 years BA or a University degree which enables you to access the second cycle of studies in the country where you obtained your Bachelor.
In order to enroll in a post-MA professional Master's course (Master di II livello), you must have a Master Degree (Master of Science or Master of Arts) or an equivalent University degree which enables you to access the third cycle of studies in the country where you obtained your degree (i.e. a PhD or doctoral course).

In case you have only a 4-years BA and you want to apply for a post-MA one-year professional Master's course, your application will be taken into consideration only if your BA gives you the right to enroll in a Doctoral course in the University system to which your degree belongs. This fulfilment will be checked during the admission phase.

Enrolment to the Master's course is conditioned to:

  • evaluation of your academic degree considering the details reported above
  • admission test (if any is required by the Master's course admission criteria)

For the evaluation of your degree please refer to the Secretary of each Master's course

Required study documentation

For the enrolment you have to submit the following documentation:

  • copy of your European ID or passport
  • original  of your University degree legalized, or with Apostille stamp (when applicable) and translated into Italian if not issued in English, French, German or Spanish.
  • transcript of records either in its original language (English, French, German or Spanish) or translated into Italian.
  • the Declaration of value of your University degree, carried out by the Italian diplomatic Representation where the diploma was issued (not mandatory, please submit it only if you already possess this document)

Please notice that the legalized diploma and the Declaration of value are not needed by the University of Trento in case you have a Diploma Supplement issued by a University (according to the EC, Europe Council and Unesco rules) based in one of the countries belonging to the European Higher Education Area.