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Instructor: Alberto Nucciarelli, alberto.nucciarelli [at]
Class hours: 36; 6 ECTS 

Course objectives and learning outcomes

The course is designed to help students gain the ability to understand and interpret the rationale of strategic decisions. It also provides students with the knowledge of patterns in strategy formation for start-ups with a specific focus on those in the digital economy.

The practice and theory of making decisions is a core ability for future managers. The critical analysis of both contents and process of decision making requires mastering the basic strategic management concepts as well as understanding how innovation impacts on the ability to succeed in a fast evolving environment.

The course stems from the recall of basic strategy and innovation management concepts to move on and define what is a successful business models and how to perceive a sustainable business models innovation.
Based on case studies and active participation of students in debates, the course sets the scene to apply a business model thinking to the analysis of firms and the design of new ventures.

The course investigates platform business models and explores how platforms develop their strategies.

Entrance requirements

Knowledge of basic strategy concepts is recommended. However, students who haven't studied strategy will be given ad hoc reading material to fill their gap.


  • Critical analysis of firm strategy
  • Designing strategy for start-ups
  • Strategic positioning
  • Innovative strategies
  • Business models and business model innovation
  • Platform business models
  • Open innovation
  • Sharing economy
  • Blockchain economy

Teaching and learning methods and activities

  • Front classes
  • Discussion of case studies
  • Group work

Tests and assessment criteria

  • Presentation of work assignment
  • Written exam with open questions

Bibliography /study materials

Reading material (i.e. research papers, book chapters) will be given to students during the course.