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MIM X Anniversary 

2018 has marked the 10th year anniversary of the Master in International Management (MIM) held in Trento, Italy. On September 14th, Alumni and current MIM-ers celebrated the X Anniversary in the Conference Room of the Department of Economics and Management. The even was meant to gather and connect MIM Alumni already professionally active with current MIM students. 

The day started with a funny welcome by the Rector Paolo Collini, the Director of MIM Prof. Marco Zamarian and Mr. Roberto Napoli. Every speaker focused the attention on the foundation of MIM (when and how it was created), on the development of the Master Degree and finally on the next steps to further improve the Program.
Then the meeting jumped right into the core of the Event with the Alumni on stage: we hosted some MIM Alumni presenting their life after MIM: stories of success, life-changing and why not, failing.

The Keynote Speakers were: 

Federico Facchinelli , MIM 2008
Abhinav Kumar, MIM 2009
Diana Kucherbaeva, MIM 2013
Lorenzo Veruggio, MIM 2013
Sara Yacoub, MIM 2015
Giovanni Ferraris, MIM 2017

The real-life experiences told by our MIM-ers were the beginning of an interesting debate on different aspects of both professional and personal life as well as nostalgic memories about the "old times" of the University life.

After the Lunch-break the MIM-ers enjoyed the adventurous team-building activities and the final wrap-up session facilitated by Mr. Vittorino Filippas. 
By taking part to the Event all MIm-ers had the chance to spend a good time together celebrating the MIM, to build or enhance personal and professional connections as well as to think on how the MIM experience has positevely affected their lives.