International opportunities for students

The updated Syllabus are always available on Esse3.

Compulsory crash courses are designed to refresh knowledge in crucial areas and thereby give students the chance to start the Master with greater confidence. Crash courses are also very useful to refresh your English language if you are not used to study and communicate in English on a regular basis.

Second year

One compulsory course to be chosen among: 


At least 16 ECTS to be chosen between first and second year:

Any other course offered in English at Master level can be chosen upon agreement with the Director of the Master.


Extra curricular seminars aiming at catching different perspectives on business around the world are offered to Master students. Seminars are held by Visiting Professors. The topics and the countries can change every year according to the availability of the Lecturer. Some examples are:

Master Thesis

Total complete program: 120 ECTS