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International opportunities for students

Why study International Management?

Successful managers contribute meaningfully to organizations only if they are equipped with specific knowledge, skills, and abilities that are honed through a comprehensive set of management education experiences. Our Master in International Management (MIM) provides you with a sound theoretical background as well as a rich set of analytical tools that will allow you to perform effectively in an international business environment. The core courses in this fulltime two–year program focus on the areas of international management, international economics and law, and applied quantitative methods with the aim of developing young executives who can think analytically and make decisions to impact critical outcomes. In addition a fully integrated MIM internship will allow you to test and strengthen your newly acquired skills in the challenging environment provided by our industry partners.

The DEM Trento (Department of Economics and Management of the University of Trento), located in Northern Italy, has an established tradition in business studies and it is deeply rooted in the European market, thanks to its central geographical position and to its network of international relations with universities, companies, and public entities alike. This multicultural environment together with the MIM focus on international institutions provides you with a sound understanding not only of the European but also of the global management arena.

However, successful business requires a thorough understanding of the broad picture as well as precise identification of specific problems and the decisions required regarding the best viable solution. As a participant of the Trento MIM you will often be asked to analyze case studies, and to cooperate in working sessions and study groups. This will help you to refine your ability to work successfully under pressure and uncertainty, and as our experience shows, these are the very skills which are valued highly by recruiters around the world.

The following study by Master in Management Compass 2014 identifies trends in management education by specifically focussing on MIM programs around the world.

MIM Program Director