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Why study Management of Innovation?

The Master's Degree (Laurea Magistrale) in Innovation Management - MAIN is jointly organized by the University of Trento and the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa. The program is particularly designed for students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation and aiming at management careers in innovative organizations.

Nowadays innovation skills are the only real tool able to enhance the position of a firm or a collective organization. ICT applications together with market globalization have radically changed business models, organizations and the competitive environment. The dematerialization of products and resources ask for new approaches in strategies and management.
Creative destruction is becoming more and more frequent even in sectors which are considered dynamically and technologically stable. So without an attitude to change it is impossible to survive.

However, innovation is mainly a management problem rather than a technical one. The capacity to generate innovation is not sufficient to ensure market success. There are several famous examples of market leaders with strong scientific and technological grounding whose innovative products failed once they went under the scrutiny of consumers and markets or were pushed out by more effective competitors. Furthermore, innovation today - and in the future - is mainly an innovation in "service" and therefore requires an interdisciplinary approach which blends and integrates technology, management, computer science, economics, organizational behaviour, and leadership in order to transform a smart idea into a true market success.

So innovation without innovative management skills is of little use.
This two-years Master degree will teach you a method rather than simple recipes. The challenge is that of understanding technological and organizational innovations in their multidisciplinary aspects while keeping in mind that the final goal is to create more competitive firms and more efficient organizations.