International opportunities for students

Jointly run by the University of Savoie Mont Blanc (France), the University of Trento (Italy), the University of Kassel (Germany) and the University of León (Spain), the European Master in Business Studies (EMBS) is a two-year full-time Master's degree in Management with a focus on International Marketing. The EMBS has been developed to offer students a unique opportunity of learning how to do business in Europe effectively. Apart from studying fundamentals of Management and Sales & Marketing on a European scale, students will learn "on site" the multicultural differences by working in groups of different nationalities and by spending one semester in each University of the consortium according to the following scheme:

  • 1st semester: University of Trento (Italy)
  • 2nd semester: University of Savoie Mont Blanc (France)
  • 3rd semester: University of Kassel (Germany)
  • 4th semester: University of León (Spain)

In September 2017 and in January 2021 the EMBS has been awarded the EFMD Programme accreditation for 3 years and for 5 years respectively, a prestigious global endorsement. The accreditation was delivered by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), an organisation that is acknowledged globally as an accreditation body of quality in management education. The EFMD Programme Accreditation System is a prestigious international program accreditation system which evaluates the quality of business and management programs that have an international perspective.

Organisation Country Logo
University of Trento Trento, Italy Department of Economics - University of Trento - Italy
IAE Savoie Mont Blanc Annecy, France IAE - Université Savoie Mont Blanc
University of Kassel Kassel, Germany University of Kassel
University of León

León, Spain

University of Leon

Aimed at graduates with a Bachelor in Economics, Management or Business Studies as well as at graduates with other study backgrounds (Social sciences, Engineering, Languages) with a focus on Economics and Management. Thus, the EMBS is not an MBA programme aimed at professionals but it is a full-time consecutive Master's degree programme, i.e. a degree that is gained after completing a bachelor's programme. It is aimed to advance and deepen the knowledge and skills acquired during the bachelor's programme.

The EMBS class is made up of maximum 40 students (Pending approval from ACSUCYL (Spain), the maximum number of admitted students will be 30) of various nationalities who study and work together over a period of two years (120 ECTS) in a multicultural environment. The EMBS starts in September each year and courses are taught entirely in English. Qualified faculty members and managers from European companies are involved in courses, seminars and workshops.

EMBS gives students the opportunity of starting their professional career with a sound theoretical knowledge in management and marketing mixed with practical experiences, like consultancy projects assigned during the course and a compulsory internship with a duration of at least 3 months which is scheduled for the end of the 2nd year. Main aims of the EMBS are:

  • Training and developing the European managers of tomorrow;
  • Giving them all the tools and best practices to enable them to fit easily into international companies and feel at home in multicultural environments;
  • Improving their ability in English (and other European languages);
  • Offering a specific European professional oriented curriculum.

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