International opportunities for students

Tuition Fees for Non-EU students living abroad

The amount of the tuition fees for NON EU applicants living abroad is related to the application score obtained during the selection, as follows:

  • Application score between 90 and 100: Full tuition waiver 
  • Application score between 70 and 89,9: € 1.000
  • Application score between 60 and 69,9: € 3.000
  • Application score between 50 and 59,9: € 6.500

Tuition fees amount for the following years will be calculated according to the student's performance (credits gained unitl August 10th each year). Detailed information on the renewal to the II year on the International website.

UniTrento Scholarships for Non-Eu students living abroad

The University of Trento offers a limited number of scholarships for top scored Non-EU students living abroad applying for the Master in Innovation Management. 

The scholarship will be awarded from the Evaluation Commitee according to the final ranking list and upon availability (no extra application required): 2 scholarships are available for Non-Eu applicants living abroad for the a.y. 2024-2025. The minimun application score for receiving the scholarship is >=70 points.

The yearly amount of the scholarship is 7.200 € and tuition fees are waived. Students entitled with the scholarship will be informed by the Master Manager when the acceptance to the Master will be notified.

The renewal of the scholarship for the second year depends on the number of credits earned by the student at the end of the first year (August 10th). Students who turn out to be in the "fee waiver" bracket are not necessarily entitled to receive a scholarship from the University of Trento. Check the webpage about scholarship to find out further information.

Invest your Talent in Italy scholarship

Applicants born on or after January 1st 1998 from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Chorea Republic, People's Republic of China, Tunisia, Turkey and Vietnam can apply for the Invest your Talent scholarship (IYT).

The Call 2024-25 is now closed. Selections are ongoing. 

Applicants must submit the application to the Master and the application to IYT. You can submit the IYT application even if you have not received the results of the admission to the Master's degree.
Further information is available at the Invest your Talent in Italy Project.

Tuition Fees and scholarships for EU Citizens and NON-EU citizens regularly living in Italy

Tuition Fees for Eu Citizens and Non-Eu citizens living in Italy may range from 346€ to 3.345€. The final amount is related to your family income calculated by an economic value called "ISEE Università".

Information about tuition fees and ISEE is available on Infostudenti. Please note that if you do not want to calculate the ISEE value, you will have to pay the maximum amount. Once the ISEE has been calculated, you can apply for the Opera Universitaria scholarship if you meet the requirements. The Call for scholarships application is usually published in July. 

Cost of living

Besides tuition fees you must be able to afford the average Cost of living in Trento.

Further opportunity for students admitted to MAIN

Every year the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa offers one position as Second Level Honours students.

Selected students will be offered:

  • free accommodation and food in collegiate structures (when in Pisa)
  • financial contribution for study
  • study abroad experiences
  • internship in companies and public institutions
  • use of modern scientific laboratories
  • library
  • sport facilities and spaces for cultural and recreational activities

Further information about the call for Second level Honours students 2024-25 is available at the following webpage: Call for II level courses

The application deadline is June 18th, 2024 12 pm CEST. You can apply online here.

Honours Courses are university training courses for deserving and capable students. They complement and complete the University courses with a training of excellence and with an early introduction to research. At Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna students can study in close contact with researchers, teachers, students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses in both social and natural sciences and enjoy opportunities for cultural, interdisciplinary, educational exchange, and personal growth. The School is a young university, which occupies top positions in national and international rankings.