International opportunities for students

Italian, EU-citizens or non-EU citizens living in Italy who, after passing the selection are admitted to the first year, may request to be enrolled directly to the second year. They may do so provided they have obtained at least 21 credits for courses of the first year of the MSc in Environmental Meteorology (e.g. through enrolment in single courses) or for courses taken in previous careers and recognised as equivalent to those of the said Master Programme.    

Candidates seeking admission to the second year should fill in the form "Academic Credit Transfer Evaluation Application" and send it via email to mastermeteo [at] no later than 8 September 2023. The outcome of the evaluation will be notified within 14 days from the application. 
Students should be aware that classes of the second year start in Innsbruck at the beginning of October, so they are encouraged to apply for credit recognition as soon as they meet the requisites.

Number of places available for admission to the second year in 2023/24: 14 (fourteen). This number may be increased in case more places become available and within the limits of the maximum number of students that can be admitted.