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Admission requirements

In order to be eligible for the selection procedure, applicants must:

1) hold a bachelor or higher university degree awarded in Italy or other equivalent degree awarded abroad; candidates still attending a bachelor programme may also apply and get conditional admission, subject to the condition that they obtain their bachelor degree :

• before 30 June 2020 in case of non-EU citizens living abroad;
• before 31 October 2020 in case of Italian, EU-citizens or non-EU citizens living in Italy;

2) have good knowledge of the English language, at least at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;

3) have passed exams in the academic disciplines as indicated  below, if holding a Bachelor degree from an Italian University. See also the details of the basic preparation required.

Area of Mathematics and Statistics

MAT/01 - Mathematical Logic
MAT/02 - Algebra
MAT/03 – Geometry
MAT/04 - Mathematics Education And History Of Mathematics
MAT/05 - Mathematical Analysis
MAT/06 - Probability and Statistics
MAT/07 - Mathematical Physics
MAT/08 - Numerical Analysis
MAT/09 - Operations Research 

Minimum ECTS required for the whole area: 24

Area of Theoretical Physics, Applied Physics and Geophysics

FIS/01 – Experimental Physics
FIS/02 – Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Models and Methods
FIS/03 – Physics of Matter
FIS/04 – Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics
FIS/05 – Astronomy and Astrophysics
FIS/06 – Physics of The Earth and of the Circumterrestrial Medium
FIS/07 – Applied Physics
FIS/08 – Physics Teaching and History of Physics
GEO/10 – Solid Earth Geophysics
GEO/11 –  Applied Geophysics
GEO/12 – Oceanography and Physics of the Atmosphere
ICAR/01- Hydraulics
ICAR/02 – Hydraulic Structures, Maritime Engineering and Hydrology
ING-IND/06 - Fluid Dynamics
ING-IND/10 - Thermal Engineering and Industrial Energy Systems
ING-IND/11 - Building Physics and Building Energy Systems
ING-IND/12 - Mechanical and Thermal Measurements
ING-INF/02 - Electromagnetic Fields 

Minimum ECTS required for the whole area: 24

Area of Chemistry

CHIM/01 - Analytical Chemistry
CHIM/02 - Physical Chemistry
CHIM/03 - General and Inorganic Chemistry
CHIM/06 - Organic Chemistry 
CHIM/07 - Chemical Foundations of Technologies
CHIM/12 - Chemistry for the Environment and for Cultural Heritage 

Minimum ECTS required for the whole area: 6

For candidates holding a Bachelor degree from a non Italian University the possession of the equivalent requirements will be evaluated by the Selection Committee.

Candidates who do not possess one or more of the requirements listed at points 2) and 3) may also apply and get conditional admission, subject to the condition that they meet any missing curricular and/or language requirements within 31 October 2020.