International opportunities for students

This master course is a two-year programme that provides advanced training for positions of social researcher in private research institutes in the field of marketing and communication, customer satisfaction and opinion research, as well as in public research institutions (for instance, institutes and foundations involved in education research or in the analysis of labor market and welfare trends).This master course also provides a strong background for students interested in doctoral studies in the field of sociology and social research.

The number of international exchange opportunities offered to students by the University of Trento is wide at all levels of studies (bachelor, master and doctorate). The University management is strongly convinced that an experience in two different institutions can do a lot to improve the skills of the students and to strengthen their curriculum for their occupational future at a national, European and international level.

For more information about the international opportunities at the University of Trento, please see here.

For istance UniTrento students are allowed to participate in the UniTrento Double Degree call for selections that will be published once a year. For details please refer to the pertinent link.

In general a double degree program is an integrated study program, established by two or more universities. It allows students to attend a part of their university career at the University of Trento and another at a partner university, thus achieving an Italian and a foreign qualification at the same time. We offer this program with the universities listed below: