International opportunities for students


MAIN students are required to carry out an internship before graduating. Internships provide a means of training and orientation and are an important opportunity to connect with the job market. 

An internship does not constitute an employment relationship as such, but nonetheless the procedures involved in undertaking an internship, established by law to protect both interns and companies, must be respected.
Internships always involve three actors:

  • the host Company/Institution
  • the intern
  • the supervisor (a professor of the University of Trento or Sant'Anna)

The internship can be managed either by the University of Trento or the placement [at] (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Placement service).

Details and procedures about the internship are availabe at the Internship opportunities for Master's Degree webpage. Please read carefully the internship RegulationItalian version and English version.