International opportunities for students

"Introduction to the Italian language" - for absolute beginners

A 2 weeks intensive course meant for students who have never studied Italian (or just a little) and want to get familiar with it before their mobility. Placement test not required.
From 18 to 29 January 2021, from Mon. to Fri. from 3.00 to 6.00 p.m. (Italian time), for a total of 40 academic hours. The course consists of:
  • 2 full hours in real-time via Zoom from 3.00 to 5.00 p.m. in a virtual classroom, with your roommates and the teacher
  • 1 full hour in asynchronous mode for self-learning activities (exercises etc.), supervised by the teacher.

Registrations are due by 16 December by sending an e-mail to your International Mobility office (Contacts).

Technical requirements needed
The online courses are accessible by means of an up-to-date PC, notebook or tablet, a good, fast internet connection, preferably with unlimited Gigabytes, and attached microphone and webcam.


Other Italian courses 

1. Intensive: at different levels, consist of daily lessons of 4 academic hours, for 2 weeks (Mon.-Sat.) and for a total amount of 50 academic hours 

  • from 12 to 26 February 2021
  • from 15 to 29 June 2021

2. Extensive, at different levels, consist of two lessons per week of 3 academic hours each, for a total amount of 50 academic hours

  • from 18 March to 25 May 2021  


Good to know... 

  • all Italian courses will be held online at least until March
  • ​if planned in your Learning Agreement or study course, attendance is free of charge for one course for each level up to the level required and will be registered into your Transcript of Records
  • an online placement test will assess your level, unless you are an absolute beginner