International opportunities for students

With its 11 Departments and 4 Centres, the University of Trento offers to international students a wide choice of courses at the Bachelor, Master and PhD level. You can find the complete educational offer, both in Italian and in English, in the online catalogue.

Courses taught in Italian

Courses taught in Italian are open to international students with a minimum Italian proficiency level of A2 according to the Common European Language Framework or a B1 level depending on the Department.

Courses taught in English 

The courses offered in English are divided according to the educational area. In the lists below you can find courses taught in other foreign languages too:

The choice of the courses must be pre-approved by the Home University and by the University of Trento according to the learning agreement that the exchange student has to define before his/her arrival.

For the admission to courses in English, please consider the specific academic and language requirements indicated in the course lists. Please be aware that the list of courses is updated once a year. For the most recent updates please refer to the Esse3 link above.

Erasmus+ students (from European countries only) are asked to choose 60% of the courses in the Department for which they have been selected.

Special Courses for International Students

Mobility for Thesis or Doctoral Research 

Application: If you want to apply for a research period at UniTrento, please be sure that your area of interest is covered is present UniTrento and look for a tutor by visiting the following pages: Staff Research interests and Department research section. Please send a brief description of your research program together with a recommendation letter written by your home university tutor. 

Research activity can also be combined with mobility for attending courses.

Acceptance: nominees' mobility is confirmed only after the Mobility Project approval. Confirmation will be sent by the UniTrento Mobility Office.

Ademic Calendar, UniTrento Fact Sheet and Guide for International Students

UniTrento Academic Calendar, the UniTrento Fact Sheet and the Guide for International Sudents are available in the Download box.