International opportunities for students

Programme structure for students enrolled in 2024/25 (currently under ministerial review)

First Year (University of Trento)

Security Studies: Concepts and Cases (6 ECTS)

Power, Force and Violence in International Politics (6 ECTS)

International Law and Security (6 ECTS)

Research Methods in Security Studies (6 ECTS)

English for International Studies (6 ECTS)    

1 from the following two courses 

            Development Economics (6 ECTS)

            Economic Security (6 ECTS)    

1 from the following three courses                           

            Concepts of Security: Histories and Genealogies (6 ECTS)   

            International Cooperation, Development and Security (6 ECTS)       

            History and International Relations of the Middle East (6 ECTS)

1 from the following three courses                             

            Natural Resources and Energy Security (6 ECTS)     

            Security and the Environment (6 ECTS)          

            Global Food Security (6 ECTS)

1 course Second Language Level B2 (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish) (6 ECTS)

Elective courses available in Trento

Strategic Studies (6 ECTS)

Geographies of security (6 ECTS)

The Politics of China: Past and Present (6 ECTS) 

Democratising Security (6 ECTS)

Societal security and global challenges (6 ECTS)

II Year at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa

Terrorism and insurgencies in peace and war (6 ECTS)

1 from the following 3 courses

European Security (6 ECTS)

African Security (6 ECTS)

Security Assistance in Fragile Contexts (6 ECTS)

1 from the following 2 courses

The World Order Contested: Change and Critical Junctures  (6 ECTS)

Ethics of Security (6 ECTS)

Elective courses available in Pisa

Gender and security (3 ECTS)

Political Philosophy (3 ECTS)

Governance of Development and Social policy (3 ECTS)