International opportunities for students

The course structure has been designed being aware that security in the contemporary world should be analysed through an inter- and multi- disciplinary approach: that is the reason why MISS students will find courses that are characterized by an ongoing dialogue between Political Science, Law, Economics, History, Political Sociology, Political Geography, Political Philosophy. In this way, we aim to offer a conceptualization of security that overcome the traditional strategic/military approach.

Our courses indeed premise on an extensive articulation of the concept of security to encompass human security, societal security, economic and financial security, environmental and climate security, resource and food security, cyber and digital security.

Language skills as well as soft and transversal skills enrich the course of study over the 2 years. For example, twice a year we organize the so-called Applied Workshops on Global Affairs, that aim to bridge the theoretical knowledge acquired in class and some practical experiences of innovative learning (simulations, debates, role play, moot courts, challenge-based learning, policy incubators, case-based seminars on current political issues). Furthermore, the second semester of the II year is entirely dedicated to international mobility experiences (for example, thesis research abroad) or interships and traineeships. In addition, the School of International Studies regularly invites international guests and organises several initiatives such as winter and summer schools, vocational guidance, meetings with former graduates.

Being admitted to MISS, you will be able to enjoy student life in Trento, in a region that is a top tourist destination for its stunning landscapes, culture and traditions. 

We look forward to welcoming you at the School of International Studies!