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International opportunities for students


The fee amount depends on your profile (EU/non-EU) and  on where you permanently live (Italy/outside Italy).

The following information does not apply to EMBS programme.

Non-European students living outside Italy

Fee amount  (1st year)

Application Score Degree courses with max fee of € 6.000 Tuition fees amount Degree courses with max fee of € 10.000 Tuition fees amount
between 90/100 and 100/100

MEC - Economics

MEIS - European and International Studies

MISS - International Security Studies


Materials and Production Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering


Cognitive Science

Sociology and Social Research

CEILS - Comparative, European and International Legal Studies 

Energy Engineering


Fee waiver

MIM - International Management

MAIN - Innovation Management

Information and Communication Engineering

Computer Science

Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology

Human Computer Interaction

Quantitative and Computational Biology


Fee waiver
between 70/100 and 89/100 € 1.000 € 1.000
between 60/100 and 69/100 € 2.000 € 3.000
between 59/100 and 50/100 € 4.500 € 6.500

Top scored candidates in the rankings will be entitled to receive one of UniTrento scholarships for the yearly amount of 5.200 euros that can be confirmed for the following year (s) after verification of the student’s performance (credits earned).

If you benefit from one of UniTrento scholarships, the tuition fees are waived but, since the number of scholarships is limited, you are not necessarily entitled to receive a UniTrento scholarship if you turn out to be in the “fee waiver” bracket.


Enrolment renewal

In September, at the end of each academic year, UniTrento checks the number of credits earned by non-EU students until 10th August and establishes the tuition amount to be paid for the following academic year, as below:


Credits earned before 10th August  Degree courses with max fee of € 6.000 Degree courses with max fee of € 10.000
≥ 42 Fee waiver and UniTrento scholarship confirmation Fee waiver and UniTrento scholarship confirmation
36 ≤ CFU < 42 € 1.000 € 1.000
24 ≤ CFU < 36 € 2.000 € 3000
6 ≤ CFU< 24 € 4.500 € 6.500
CFU < 6 € 6.000 € 10.000

In case of a fee waiver condition, students attending the last year of a Master’s degree course, maintain this  benefit until 31st  March of the following year. For Bachelor’s students the fees are waived until 31st December.

Non-EU students who do not graduate by the above deadlines but succeed in graduating by the month of July, have to pay a 500 euros fee.

In case students did not graduate by the end of July, they have to pay the tuition fees for the whole academic year, based the table above.

Tuition fees instalments

For non-EU paying students fees are in three instalments, due as for all paying students:

  • 1st instalment: to be paid within 30th September 
  • 2nd instalment: to be paid within 30th November
  • 3rd instalment: to be paid within 31st March

Only in case of serious and motivated reasons the payment of the 2nd instalment can be delayed to March (if equal or exceeding 2.000 euros) or after March (if equal or exceeding 4.500 euros).

EU students/non-EU  students regularly living in Italy

Information about tuition fees can be found at the following page: Tuition fees EU/non EU students  regularly living in Italy

NOTE: beside tuition fees you must be able to afford the average cost of living in Trento which is around 600-700 euros per month (more information are available at the following page: Cost of living