International opportunities for students

This page shows information on tuition fees for Non-Eu students who permanently live in a Non-Eu country and who are enrolled in or want to apply for a UniTrento programme. 
If you are an Eu citizen or Non-Eu citizen regularly living in Italy you must refer to the information given on Infostudenti about tuition fees

Please note: the following information does not apply to EMBS programme.

How are tuition fees calculated? 

For the first year tuition fees depend on your application score.
For the following years they depend on the number of credits you have gained. 

What are credits?

Every course or activity in your study plan is connected to a precise number of university credits (CFU). One university credit usually corresponds to 25 hours of workload, including individual study. You can check the credits connected to each course/activity in the educational offer of your programme. Every time you pass a course exam or complete an activity (e.g. an Internship) all the credits connected to that course / activity are registered in your record book along with the grade. The grade you receive does not affect the credits. If you fail the exam instead, credits cannot be registered and you have to retake the exam.
To complete a Bachelor’s programme you have to achieve 180 credits. To complete a Master’s programme you have to achieve 120 credits.

When do I have to pay tuition fees?

Tuition fees have to be paid in 3 installments, according to the following deadlines:

  • 1st installment: to be paid within 7 days from the enrollment (for Master's) or by 30th September 2023 (for Bachelor's)
  • 2nd installment: to be paid by 30th November 2023
  • 3rd installment: to be paid by 31st March 2024

Only in case of serious and motivated reasons the payment of the second installment can be delayed to March (if equal or exceeding 2.000 euros) or after March (if equal or exceeding 4.500 euros)
Students who have tuition fee exemption have to pay an annual 16 € fee for the enrollment (for revenue stamp).

Tuition fees amounts

For tuition fees amounts select the type of programme you are interested in/you are enrolled in: