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UniTrento Scholarships

The following information does not apply to EMBS programme.

Non-EU citizens living outside Italy

Particularly deserving non EU- students can be awarded one of UniTrento scholarships for a.y. 18/19,  according to their admission score. 
Students will be notified if they are entitled to a scholarship when the short list will be published.
The  scholarship  can be extended to the following academic year(s) after verification of the students’ performance.

  • Scholarship instalments

UniTrento scholarship, of the amount of 5.200 euros, is paid in two instalments:
- the 1st instalment by the end of December 2018
- the 2nd instalment by the end of May 2019 provided the credits you have gained are at least 50% of the total credit amount  that you are supposed to get during the exam session of January and February.

If by the end of May 2019 you have not earned the minimum amount of credits required for the payment of the 2nd instalment, you will have time until 10th August 2019 to fulfil this requirement. If you earn the required credits between May and 10th August, the second instalment of the scholarship will be paid approximately in October 2019.
Should you not be able to get the needed credits by 10th August 2019, then you will be asked to give back the part of scholarship already received and you will have to pay the fees starting from for a.y. 2019/20, according to the range values in the table below: 

Credits earned before 10th August 2019

Degree courses with max fee of € 6.000

Degree courses with max fee of € 10.000

≥ 42 Fee waiver and UniTrento scholarship confirmation Fee waiver and UniTrento scholarship confirmation
36 ≤ CFU < 42 € 1.000 € 1.000
24 ≤ CFU <36 € 2.000 € 3.000
6 ≤ CFU < 24 € 4.500 € 6.500
<6 € 6.000 € 10.000
  • Scholarship confirmation and  enrolment renewal

The yearly scholarship can be extended until September  of the following academic year(s) within the regular duration of your degree course. This means that the maximum duration of the scholarship for a master’s student is of 2 years and for a bachelor’s student is of 3 years.
Every September the credits you have gained until 10th August are checked so that your scholarship can be confirmed and extended to the following year.
Should you not be entitled for the scholarship extension,  you will have to pay  the tuition fees amount according to the table above.

EU citizens and non- EU citizens regularly living in Italy

Information about scholarships can be found at the following page: http://infostudenti.unitn.it/en/scolarships

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAECI) Scholarships

If you are not eligible to UniTrento scholarship, check if you meet the requirements of the annual call for applications for scholarships funded by the Italian Government: http://www.esteri.it/mae/en/servizi/stranieri/opportunita/
Should you get the MAECI scholarship for 6 months, you will pay 50% of the UniTrento tuition fees. If you get the MAECI scholarship for 9 months, you will be waived from tuition fees.