International opportunities for students

Company Project


  • Working as a partner with a client being it a firm, institution or association
  • Developing a mission within a professional context, including an analysis, some recommendations and some actions
  • Reporting the work carried out and the results of the assignments
  • Experiencing a practical case of export and cross-cultural marketing or selling


  • Assignment to be given by a real "client"
  • A study on different European markets (desk)
  • Development of qualified contacts: potential distributors, customers, competitors etc. (field)

memorandum of understanding would be signed between the students and the company which would include assignment description, agenda, material and financial matters, and privacy aspects if necessary.

Total duration - 3 and a half months. Project results - presentation in the 4th semester.

Final Master Thesis

During the second year of the EMBS, tutored by one of the professors involved in the program, the students will be asked to write and present a personal academic work concerning a European Business research question.


Duration - 3 months from June to September at the end of S4. Students must do their internship/placement in a foreign country (not in their native country) within an international context.