International opportunities for students

Special language test session for application to international mobility calls A.Y. 2024-25

A special language test session has been organized in collaboration with the University Language Center (CLA) in view of the release of the calls for international mobility programmes academic year 2024-25: Erasmus+ for study, Bilateral Agreements, Double Degree and Double Degree of the Faculty of Law. The language test session is reserved for those students who do not meet the language requirement for application.

In order to submit the application, a minimum level of language competence is required (the language requirement can be certified in various ways) which varies according to the department and program of interest. While waiting for the publication of the 2024-25 calls, you can refer to the language requirements of the 2023-24 calls available on the page Selections Calls.

To enroll in the special session, you must apply online on the Outgoing Mobility web page starting from Monday 6 November and no later than 14 November 2023 at 12.00 (midday).
You can register for a maximum of two tests as long as they are in different languages ​​(e.g. English B2 and Spanish B1).
The test schedule will be available in the download box starting from November 20, 2023 and will have the value of notification in all respects. No further communications will be sent to you via email. Your absence will be considered as a waiver.
There are no tests for the Catalan and Serbian languages.

You can register for the special session only if you are NOT already registered or you are NOT authorized to register for a language test scheduled in the standard sessions organized by the CLA (see below "Standard session information" and "Other method of certifying the requirement linguistic").

The written tests are scheduled from 23 November 2023 to 1 December 2023, while the oral tests will take place from December 11 to 22, 2023.
The outcome of the written exam and the calendar of the oral test is now available at the bottom of the webpage. Your absence at the exam will be considered as a waiver.

Information on standard session

Calendar of language tests and location: The January 2024 exams dates will be available starting from mid-December 2023.
Registration to the language test: the exam you have to take must appear in your booklet (in Esse3).

Other ways of certifying the language requirement for applying to international mobility calls:
  • having  passed a language test at UniTrento or another university equal to the required level and with verification of the 4 skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking);
  • having passed a language test equal to the required level and with verification of the 4 skills in one of the extraordinary sessions organized for mobility calls by the CLA;
  • holding one of the valid certifications for participation in international mobility (see table on the "Do you have a certificate?" web page) Note: pay attention to the notes and minimum scores indicated for each individual skill in the table;
  • for English only: being enrolled in a degree course entirely taught in English (the level must be equal to that required for the admission  to the study course );
  • being mother tongue of the language required by the destination;
  • holding a final secondary school qualification or a first or second level university qualification obtained in a country in which the official language is that foreseen for the destination or, alternatively, have completed an entire course of study in the language required for the application;
  • only for Portuguese, Catalan and Serbian: having a certification issued by a university and/or institute in Portuguese, Catalan or Serbian speaking countries;
  • ONLY for Double Title - Faculty of Law and Bilateral Agreements calls: holding an international certification among those possibly required by the destination of interest;
  • ONLY for the Department of Economics and Management: having passed the final test of the extracurricular language courses for English, German or Spanish at level B2 (for the English language check  English language courses at the DEM | Department of Economics and Management);
  • ONLY for the German language and the Faculty of Law: having passed the legal German exam at least at level B1 and not holding any other certification