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International opportunities for students

Study Plan

You must obtain in total 120 ECTS credits. 

1st year 1st semester (at the University of Trento)
Introduction to meteorology and climatology (9 ECTS)
Enviromental Fluid Mechanics (9 ECTS)
Environmental measurements (6 ECTS)
Environmental physical chemistry (6 ECTS)

1st year 2nd semester (at the University of Trento)
Air pollution modelling (including boundary layer) (9 ECTS)
Numerical methods for environmental processes (6 ECTS)
Hydrology (9 ECTS)
Biosphere, atmoshpere and climate interactions (6 ECTS)

2nd year 1st semester (at the University of Innsbruck)
Atmospheric radiation and remote sensing (5 ECTS)
Reading, writing and presenting scientific contents (3 ECTS)
Atmospheric chemistry and biogeochemistry (6 ECTS)
Dynamical and synoptic meteorology (6 ECTS)
Elective courses (10 ECTS)

2nd year 2nd semester (either at the University of Innsbruck or at the University of Trento)
Master Thesis (30 ECTS)


The content of the active teaching activities are available at this link (options to select: A.A.: 2018/19 , faculties: Dipartimento di ingegneria civile ambientale e meccanica; courses: LM Environmental Meteorology).