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Call for AICS - Partnership for Knowledge project In the area of Sustainable Energy, Environment and Industrial Innovation
Summer and Winter Schools da giugno 2019 a febbraio 2020
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Career opportunities

  • Weather forecasters (public and private weather services, free lance professionals);
  • Consultants (for engineering firms, agricultural operations, insurance companies, legal issues);
  • Aeronautical meteorologists;
  • Experts in the assessment of solar radiation, wind and precipitation for energy conversion from renewable sources;
  • Experts in air quality monitoring and management;
  • Researchers, academics;
  • Experts in education and communication: instructors, media operators, teachers;
  • The environmental meteorologists provide meteorological support and assistance to decision makers in a variety of fields: air quality monitoring and management, civil protection, transport infrastructures management (including aviation, railways, roads and navigation), water resource management, management of systems for energy conversion from renewable sources, agricultural operations, forest management.