International opportunities for students

What is BEA?

The Master Degree Programme (M.Sc/laurea Magistrale) in Behavioural and Applied Economics (BEA) offers a solid educational path in Economics, both Micro and Macro, with the possibility to develop advanced competences in Behavioural or Applied Economics.

BEA Master Programme relies on the research experience of Department of Economics and Management of University of Trento in the field of economic analysis, but also on a wide range of academic expertise in different fields: psychology, management, statistics and quantitative methods.

In the learning approach proposed, the theory and empirical methods are constantly engaged in a mutual dialogue and each activity provides both aspects. Through this special learning, BEA graduates have the chance to apply their knowledges to the reality and develop, inter alia, communications skills (presentations, essays, discussions, …) and independent assessing
These skills are further strengthened through external activities, such as training placements or visiting periods to be spent in other worldwide partner universities.

Key information