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Study Plan

The updated Syllabus of each course is available on Esse3. The academic calendar and learning services of the Department of Economics and management are available on Academic Calendar.

The updated Study plan according to the year of enrollment is available on BEA Study plan.

Crash courses

Compulsory crash courses are designed to refresh knowledge in crucial areas and thereby give you the chance to start the Master with greater confidence. Crash courses are also very useful to refresh your English language if you are not used to study and communicate in English on a regular basis:

I year

Compulsory courses (64 credits):

Fall semester Spring semester
Microeconomics: Game Theory and Imperfect Markets (8 credits) International Contracts Law (6 credits)
Statistical methods for Experiments and Data Learning (8 credits) Applied Econometric (8 credits)

Behavioural Economics (12 credits):

Module 1: Theory

Module 2: Experimental Economics

Business (12 credits):

Module 1:Technology Strategy

Module 2: Performance Analysis

Introduction to Programming (2 credits) Computer simulation for Economics (8 credits)

Suggested course offered during the Spring semester (not compulsory): Advanced Academic Writing

II Year 

Compulsory courses (26 credits):

Fall semester Spring semester

Public policies

Module 1: Counterfactual Evaluation Methods (6 credits)

Public policies

module 2: Nudging (6 credits)

Questionnaire Design (6 credits)  
Empirical Industrial Dynamics: Data and Policies (6 credits)  
Introduction to Stata (2 credits)  

One compulsory course (6 credits) to be chosen between:

  • Empirical Labour Economics: Data and Policies
  • Data Analysis and Field Experiments

One elective (8 credits):

  • Psychology of Decision Making
  • Behavioural Finance

Internship - 2 ECTS

Master Thesis - 14 ECTS