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Celebrations for Erasmus 30th anniversary

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus programme, a very important moment for giving visibility to an enormous success.
Erasmus means cooperation, exchanges, growth: a real experience of European citizenship for more than 9 million people since 1987.
During the last three decades, the Erasmus programme (acronym of European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) supported 4,4 million students to move abroad for study or traineeship activity. Considering also the exchanges of high and professional schools' students, teaching and administrative staff, volunteering and Erasmus Mundus framework, the number reaches 9,1 million people; and 1 million of Erasmus babies has to add to the sum!
For the specific Erasmus numbers of the University of Trento, look at the dedicated page for fact and figures in the box Download. 

In Europe and in Italy

More than 4000 participant institutions are contributing to the celebrations. All the initiatives are published on the European Commission's dedicated page.
Many European Countries concentrate celebrations on two days, the 13th and 14th of October.
During the #ERASMUSDAYS, all the interested people will have the chance to know the programme and to share experiences.

The Erasmus Charter of Erasmus generation, a polical-cultural document fruit of collaboration among 200 actual and former Italian students, included Chiara Calଠand Federico Casagrande from the University of Trento, is published in the box Download. The Erasmus Charter of Erasmus generation, supported by the National Erasmus+ Agency, garagErasmus and Italian Erasmus Students Network Association, is the result of a debate launched in February 2017 during the General States of Erasmus Generation and goes on through an online platform, about the following general issues linked to Europe and its future: Erasmus - global vs. non-global, Local communities and digital world, United Europe, European citizenship, Erasmus for all, Study/work mobility.

At Trento

Also the University of Trento celebrates its participation in the programme starting from the very beginning and in the meantime the 25th anniversary of the local section of the Erasmus Student Network student association, dedicated to international students.
A big party will take place in Trento in the afternoon of October 14th. The programme of the event is available in the box Download.

UniTrento participated in the poster competition organized among European and non European Universities during the ERACON Conference 2017 (Maribor, Slovenia), winning the first place thanks to the posters published in the Photogallery.

At the Video section an interview about the importance of Erasmus+ programme by prof. Carla Locatelli, Honorary Vice-Rector for Internationalization, is available. Furthermore, at the section Video of the Italian version of the page, some video-interviews by UniTrento former students who sacceed in the labour market thanks their Erasmus period abroad, are at disposal. 

In the box Download of the Italian version of the page, interviews published on the local papers about the Erasmus programme are at disposal, included some contributions of our Vice Rector for International Relations, prof. Maurizio Marchese, and of some UniTrento students, like Marco and Natalia, an example of Erasmus family.

We have asked former incoming and outgoing Erasmus students to share their experience with us through a significant picture of their exchange period. Many of them responded enthusiastically and a selection of these pictures is published in the "Useful links" box on the right-hand side of this page.