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Teaching activities include lectures, laboratory activities, and seminars. The programme includes common core courses to be attended during the first year and two specialization tracks in cancer biology and in neurobiology during the first half of the second year. For further detailed information about the Master's degree programme please check the corresponding prospectus (Manifesto degli studi) for the current academic year and for further details about each course units (course objectives, content, lecture materials etc.) please check the Course listing.

Core courses:

First year:

Molecular basis of disease (12 credits) - Mandatory
Statistical methods for experimental sciences (6 credits) - Mandatory
Gene therapy (6 credits) - Mandatory
Cell therapy  (6 credits) - Mandatory
Molecular pharmacology (6 credits) - Mandatory
Genomics and drug discovery (6 credits) - Mandatory
English (level B2) (3 credits) - Mandatory

Cancer biology track:

Cancer Biology (6 credits)
Cancer Therapy (6 credits)
Epigenetics of Cancer (6 credits)

Neurobiology track :

Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology (6 credits)
Neurogenesis and Brain Regeneration (6 credits)
Functions of the Peripheral Nervous System (6 credits)

Microbes & Infection :

Virus-Cell Interaction (6 credits)
Bacterial Pathogenesis (6 credits)
Applied Immunology (6 credits)

Mandatory credits:

Elective courses (18 credits)
Stage/Internship (6 credits)
research Seminars/Journal Club (3 credits)
Final thesis (30 credits)
For the list of elective courses please check the prospectus for the MCMB programme (Manifesto degli studi).

CREDITS required to complete the MCMB programme: 120 ECTS
Notes: according to the Sorbonne (1988) and the Bologna (1999) declarations university-level study programmes in the European Higher Education Area are structured in university credits (ECTS). A university credit corresponds to 25 hours of student workload, time for personal preparation included. The annual average of workload for a full-time student is conventionally fixed at 60 credits.

Please note that starting from a.y. 2018/2019 the Biomolecular Technology track is not active.

Calendar 2020-2021

Lectures for the academic year 2020/21 will start on September 22nd 2020 and will take place in Povo, via Sommarive 5.

The academic calendar of the Centre for Integrative Biology and lessons timetable are available  here.
Timetable is available in the box download and at the link Orari e Aule.