International opportunities for students

Over the last decade significant methodological and conceptual advances in life sciences have enabled the development of the so-called new biology.
The new biology is mainly based on the ability to study cells at a molecular level thanks to the increasing availability of genomic sequences of many species and to the possibility to determine, in a comprehensive way, gene expression profiles as well as the interactions between biological macromolecules. In addition, technological advances in genetic engineering and synthetic biology have led to an increased capacity for designing and building new biological systems with applications in biomedicine.
Finally, the strong development of bioinformatics and computational biology is providing new tools for the management, interpretation and modeling of a constantly increasing amount of biological data.

The Master degree programme in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology is therefore aimed at the training of experts in cellular and molecular biotechnology with an in-depth focus on genomic approaches in the fields of cancer biology and neurobiology and with a view to experimental, technological and computational aspects.