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International opportunities for students

The Master’s degree programme in Mechatronics Engineering is a two-year full-time programme taught in English and students are required to choose which of the two taught modules to undertake:

  • Mechanics and Mechatronics: proving a solid grounding in advanced design tools for mechanical industrial products (from concept generation to the end of the project), testing and prototyping methods, production technologies, methods and organization, and the modelling and control of mechanical systems;
  • Electronics and Robotics: proving a solid grounding in systems and methods of artificial intelligence focused on mechanical systems, measurement and sensor fusion techniques, dynamic system modelling, planning and control of mechanical systems applied to manufacturing and emerging sectors.
  • Industrial process management: includes the study of a set of topics in the scope of Industrial Management, aimed at building the foundations of modeling, designing, managing and innovating industrial processes, taking into account scientific, technological, information and organizational features. The learning goals are pursued by emphasizing decision support systems, quality control systems and information systems for logistics and production management. Operations research and project management related topics can integrate the learning goals through dedicated elective courses.

Overall, students will be provided with a global system-level view of the design of mechanical systems, and will acquire the ability to understand the impact of new technologies on products and production systems as well as managerial skills to organize projects with a complete view of the entire life cycle of products. 

The Master’s degree programme in Mechatronics Engineering is designed to respond to the expanding demand of highly-qualified professionals who efficiently deal with the development of new products and new concepts, periodic and increasingly frequent renewal of existing product lines, renewal of methods and technologies of production, and related capital goods for production.